Review – Atom Jacket Issue # 1

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Publisher: Self Published
Author: Various
Artist: Various
Release Date: On sale NOW!

OK, so Atom Jacket is an anthology piece billed to us as: “Tales of SciFi intrigue and caped heroism.” We had no idea what we’d been sent. Man, I’ve been picking some weird sh*t to review lately and this is no exception. It’s very British in its weirdness and does remind me of old 2000 AD progs in both art and content, and each story is – well – a bit nuts. Here is the rundown:

The Traversers
Story: James Alexander
Art: Joe Palmer

In which a Galactic Supervillian escapes captivity and seeks revenge on the Guardians that imprisoned him, but the Guardians he remembers have changed in the years he has been held captive. Each were defeated in various and hilariously weird ways leaving only the Janitor to combat this great enemy, but all is not as it seems! A healthy dose of reality is merged with comic book pastiche here to make an enjoyable read, and I’m digging the vector-style artwork. (4/5)

Story: Michael Adam Kindred
Art: Michael Adam Kindred

In which some really old bikers correct a graffiti artist on his use of spray paint. Really, that’s it. One page, three and a bit panels of gloriously inked and coloured art work, and one weird alternative moral (that I wouldn’t recommend you follow). (3/5)

The Wandering Man
Story: Dave Hailwood
Art: Chow

In which a guy can’t catch a break rescuing damsels in distress in hell. An artist commits suicide so he can wander Hell as some type of Pseudo hero and basically beat the crap of anything and everything he finds there in the hope of getting the girl. It’s quite fun, with the protagonist commentating through the short with quirky stereotypical one liners (looks like it’s loosely based of Ash from The Evil Dead). It is hell though, so not everything can work out. I liked it. (3/5)

Story: Stu Perrins
Art: Chris Hunter

In which our valiant hero slays many a ferocious enemy in a most vicious of battles against many a foe, fighting back at those who slew his beloved until he encounters one thing that can bring him back to reality. It’s an amusing little story, but not my favourite style of art. (3/5)

Story: James Alexander
Art: Ross Bampfylde

In which a bunch of planetary miners go on strike, so the company sends in some genetically enhanced miners to pick up the pace. The protesting strikers take offence to this and set about the scabs to teach the company a lesson ….. with perhaps a little too much overkill. The story was ok, didn’t blow me away, and I swear this artwork would not look out of place on a Johnny Alpha panel, it’s very reminiscent of Ezquerra imo. (2/5)

Apocalypse Now or Never
Story: Jimmy Furlong
Art: Andrew Hartmann

In which Elvis impersonators exponentially grow to a rate that they populate a planet, and are at war with various other impersonator factions. This is the story that makes this anthology worthwhile. It’s a parody of Apocalypse Now set in a world that is populated exclusively by 20th century pop culture icons – who all seem to be at war with one another. We have Elvis, some Dr Whos, some Freddy Mercury’s and even a Roy Chubby Brown. I loved this story and smiled from ear to ear while reading it. The sheer bampottery of it all is exquisite, as is the art. Loved it to bits. (5/5)

Writer: James Alexander
Art: Darren Stephens

In which the current President of the United States is having a Spring Clean, throwing out (of The White House) anything left over from former incumbrants, including birthday cards and top secret files on Soviet Cold War project. A bit silly, and slightly amusing, but nothing really special, with the exception of one pretty funny jibe at President Bush. (2/5)

Overall I enjoyed this small press release, the stars of the show definitely are The Traversers and Apocalypse Now or Never. It’s worth a read, the stories are not what you expect in direction (a few took me by surprise) and it’s definitely good for a laugh.

Overall Rating: 3/5

You can get your hands on the first issue of Atom Jackey ABSOLUTELY FREE from Comicsy by clicking HERE.

The writer of this piece was: Andrew McGlinn
Andrew Tweets from @Jockdoom.

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