ImageDisplayBraw Books are excited to announced the release of a 220-page collection of the very best from Glasgow-based small press comic/’zine Khaki Shorts!

The Khollected Khaki Shorts was released on the 1st of August, and features the very best of the first twenty-eight issues of the gloriously bizarre Scottish small press comic/zine.  Written and edited by Rob Miller and Adam Smith, the Khollection includes work by Tolywoly, Neil “Wee Man” Bratchpiece, Martin Smith, John Miller, Larned Justin, Shug ’90, Noah Van Sciver and Iain D. Smith.

With characters and strips like Boy Mindless, Sad Lad, Star Trudge, Lads TogetherApocalypse Now & Then, Elexender Browne, Jimmy Hendrix, Lads Together, Night Bus Tales, Men Out of Time, A Cartoonist and His Cat and a whole host of others, there’s bound to be something here to satisfy all tastes. Well… probably.  Either way, Khaki Shorts has churned out some absolutely quality material over the last decade, so the prospect of seeing the cream of the crop collected together in a bumper-sized 220-page anthology is nothing less than mouth-watering.

Still need convincing?  Here’s the official blurb;
‘Khaki Shorts (1999 – 2011) was the small press Glasgow-based comic of humour and intrigue that secretly defined a decade! This long –awaited jam-packed 220-page collection of the condensed cream of all 28 issues is a fit-to-burst almanac of raw and rare pop-aware comic strip nourishment!  Featuring a diverse yet complimentary array of art styles and content varying from laugh out loud social satire to portals into mysterious worlds where the uncanny  and downright daft meet, brought to you by a never-to-be-repeated conclave of creatives ranging from the unknown to the cult to the latently world famous!  (FRANK QUITELY, NOAH VAN SCIVER!) There’s also some ‘just alright if you like that sort of thing’ stuff in there as well.  So c’mon and take a sidestep into a unique flashpoint in contemporary underground comics!’
You can order yourself a copy of this mayhem via the Braw Books Website, priced just £9.99, or grab one by heading along to the official launch party at the 13th Note in Glasgow on Friday September 5th.
02 _KhakiShorts_Launch Oh, and in case you need more convincing (seriously?), make sure to keep your eyes glued to the page for a full review of the entire Khollection in the very near future.

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