And Now For Something Completely Different: Fan Speculation, Can Marvel Live Up To It?

In the past few days the internet has been a flurry of speculation about the up and coming marvel movie-verse and what it might hold. From fake movie trailers to fake posters, it seems like the fans not only know what they want but are showing Marvel Studios what it could look like.

One such example is this fan made poster for the series that’s so far only in our heads “Hawkeye”

Clearly drawing from Matt Fraction and David Aja’s often delayed but always spectacular Hawkeye series, this is a casting that not only did i not know I wanted, but wouldn’t have thought of in the first place. Now that I see it though? I need this series to live. The Fraction/Aja series was consistantly the top of my reading pile when it wasn’t marred with delays because of it’s down to earth take on Clint Barton, but also because of it’s inclusion of the “other” Hawkeye, Kate Bishop. It was a series that didn’t make it all about the heroes always winning and flashy powers, it was about real people and real problems, whether it’s falling out of windows, mobsters increasing rent, or a dog that just really loves pizza, every single page was perfect.

Kate Bishop/Aubrey Plaza

Kate Bishop/Aubrey Plaza

Plaza’s trademark wit and scathing, bitch centric humour would be the perfect fit for Kate Bishop, The budget wouldn’t even have to be that big, with Renner’s Hawkeye only appearing sporadically in the series it could follow Kate’s exploits in LA with Pizza Dog, having a similar feel to it as Daredevil, but with the humour of Mean Girls and the quirky, weirdness of April Ludgate.

More and more Marvel seem to be wanting to dominate the smaller screen as well as the large. With another Daredevil series in the works, and Jessica Jones just round the corner, never mind the fact that Luke Cage and Iron Fist (also a Fraction/Aja series) not far behind, this would be a damn fine addition to the line up of Netflix series.

This wasn’t the only Fan Call recently though, with this poster popping up on Reddit:

hawkeye antmanA call back to an old Avengers cover that had the tag line “Somebody’s going to get it” surely this would be the perfect easter egg for fans of the comics going into Civil War. Along similar lines to the Fast Ball Special in X-3, this doesn’t have to be anything grandiose, just a throwaway scene in a fight that Movie Goers will all lap up, while fans of the comics will be losing it beside them. The only problem I can see now is that Marvel knows we’re expecting it now, so may be hesitant to actually put it in.

Avengers_Vol_1_223_002Either way, it’s been some fine Photoshop work by fans, and it’s good to see fans of the series being vocal about what they want, as opposed to taking these things for granted.

Chris_AvatarThe writer of this piece was: Chris Bennett
Article: And Now For Something Completely Different
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