John Carpenter releases Tales For A Halloween Night!

 Storm King Comics have announced a new anthology put together by the Master of Horror himself, John Carpenter. 

Described as “the ultimate graphic novel anthology of tales to warm your toes by on a dark and stormy night in October,” Tales for a Halloween Night is a 100+ page full color book that brings together storytellers from the world of movies, novels and comics, telling tales of graveyards, sunken ships, creepy crawlers and ghosts.


“This project kept growing and growing. The more word spread about the project through the creative community the more talent wanted to be involved. It’s one of those books that you pick up because it’s going to be fun and when you put it down, it’s because you need to turn all the lights in the house on,” explained Storm King Comics head Sandy King.

John Carpenter’s Tales For A Halloween Night features an amazing line-up of talent, headed by the great man himself and including Steven Hoveke (Thor, Steamworld Chronicles), Sandy King (John Carpenter’s Asylum, Vampires, They Live), Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, Criminal Macabre), James Ninness (Insanity, AZ, Chronicles of a Full Time Father), Trent Olsen (John Carpenter’s Asylum), David Schow (The Crow, Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Tim Bradstreet (Punisher, Hellblazer), Buzz (Wolverine, Dr. Strange) Federico DeLuca (Dorian Gray, John Saul’s The God Project), Leonardo Manco (John Carpenter’s Asylum, Hellblazer), Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan, The Boys), Tone Rodriguez (John Carpenter’s Snake Plissken Chronicles, Uncanny Xmen 100 Project) and more.

The book isn’t due out until Halloween, but fans can get an early preview on Saturday, October 17th at 2pm at Barnes and Noble at The Grove: 189 Grove Drive K30, Los Angeles, CA 90036. John Carpenter will be on hand at the event, signing advanced copies.

The rest of us will just have to wait until Halloween.

 The Writer of this piece was: Jules Boyle
Jules tweets from @Captain_Howdy

1 Comment on John Carpenter releases Tales For A Halloween Night!

  1. Wow, this will make an incredible anthology collection for Halloween. So much awesome talent involved as well!

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