Review – Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles #3 (Black Hearted Press)

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Publisher: Black Hearted Press
Writer: Gary Chudliegh
Artist: Tanya Roberts
Release Date: 4th July, 2015 (Glasgow Comic Con)

And so we’ve come to the final issue of the first story arc in this great, SICBA award-winning comic from Gary Chudleigh and Tanya Roberts. So far we’ve seen Mackie, Miranda and Dex (THE TALKING DOG!) discover the truth about the evil Reneco corporation, set out to save the world from a Plague Reneco is producing, and get ambushed by Mackie’s old mentor Salem.

All of this leads us to Issue 3, with a few burning questions on our minds, Will Mackie accept Salem’s offer? will Miranda save a burning town from Reneco? Will Dex give out some more Snide looks? Well you’ll have to read it to find out… no spoilers here, sadly.

What I will say is that Chudleigh is still on form with this story, a great mix of humour, drama and action. After the strong start to issue one followed by the story build-up of issue two, he entered the third issue with a fair bit of anticipation from me… AND HE DELIVERED! Chudleigh rounds up the first arc perfectly, leaving us on a cliffhanger that makes me wish issue four was ready now too.

Tanya is by far my favourite artist at the moment; the facial expressions of her characters (especially Dex the Dog) are all overly-animated but still incredibly realistic. She really puts you into the world of Plagued and her use of colours is just beautiful. You can really see why she is SICBA’s Best Artist of 2015, she is a witch and she must be burned!

Honestly, I really can’t stress how good this SICBA Awarded Best Comic is! Give it a chance, you wont regret it

This latest issue will be on sale at Glasgow Film and Comic Con, August 22nd and 23rd and soon to be online at


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