Review – Ghostbusters: Get Real #3 (of 4) (IDW Publishing)

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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Writer: Erik Burnham
Artist: Dan Schoening
Release Date: 26th August, 2015

After the fangasm that was the last issue, this one is a little more subdued as we prepare for the finale. This is typical for mini-series like this one, and the standard of story, artwork and colours are as great as ever so I won’t retread old ground.

The plot of this issue revolves around both teams prepping for their battle with Proteus. This was a nice touch as the Ghostbusters, throughout all their adventures, have a tendency to be reactive but this time they are being proactive in coming up with a definite plan of action. Their planning consists of sending IDW Ray into the Real Ghostbusters universe for some recon and some technical jiggery pokery of their traps and packs.

In the rest of the issue we see Proteus’s hell-hound (I wish it was more Terror Dog looking) tracking down the RGBs with a pit stop into the Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime universe (Sanctum of Slime is a 2011 video game that featured the original GBs passing the torch).

I really hope that in addition to the new ongoing series, the IDW creative team either get to do a series of one-shots or another mini-series in which the IDW GBs travel to alternate Ghostbuster universes. I honestly don’t see how they could mess it up as I imagine this crossover would have been the most tricky to do given the (obvious) character similarities.

Ultimately, this issue isn’t quite as good as the first two, but it is still brilliant in its own right. The only thing that lets it down is the traditional penultimate issue slump in pace, something that wouldn’t be noticeable while reading a collected trade but which sticks out like a sore thumb in the single issue format. Either way, this series remains essential reading for any and all Ghostbuster fans out there.

Overall score: 4/5.

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The writer of this piece was: David Gladman

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