Set Pictures from AMC’s Preacher tease Arseface and Cassidy!

News from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s adaptation of Garth Ennis’ and Steve Dillon’s Preacher (published by Vertigo) has been a little on the thin side of late, but Italian website Comicus have done some digging and sure do seem to have struck gold!

The website have uncovered what appears to be Proinsias Cassidy, played by Joseph Gilgun. While the Actor may not have the blonde locks or permanent sunglasses on (they’re round his neck) the Irish Vampire is most recognisable. There’s definitely something in the way he’s holding himself and that grin, that just screams Cass.


Click to enlarge.

Maybe it’s the middle finger…

The website also uncovered a very blurry picture of Ian Colletti as Fan Favourite “Arseface”. While the damage to the character’s face doesn’t seem as substantial as it is in the series, there’s always the possibility that this is only some of the prostheses and there’s more to go on. I mean, this is meant to be a character that people throw up after seeing. I’ll leave you to judge for yourself below.


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For reference, this is what Arseface looks like in the comicbook:

Art by Glenn Fabry

Art by Glenn Fabry

Not quite as brutal in real life…

The PREACHER pilot was directed by Rogen and Goldberg and written by Sam Catlin (Catlin will serve as showrunner if it goes to series). As well as Gilgun and Colletti, the cast includes Dominic Cooper as  Main Character, Jesse Custer, Lucy Griffiths, Ruth Negga, W. Earl Brown, Elizabeth Perkins, Tom Brooke, Jamie Anne Allman, and Derek Wilson.

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