Review – Prog 1946 (2000AD)

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Publisher: Rebellion
Writer/Artist: Various
Release Date: 2nd September, 2015

I’ll stop you right there.

Rating: 5/5.

Now go. Go buy this comic.



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Reviewing 2000AD is difficult. As a life long fan, I have to take occasional breaks, just to check it maintains its standard (one of my friends is on a one year hiatus, whilst still getting all the issues and has some kind of grotesque, caffeine fuelled comic binge planned; I’m not at that stage yet).

This issue has Dredd. Part 7 of a story that’s a sequel of a sequel. There’s snow. And crazies. And aliens. And a freakin white charger. You can go right in and it’s epic right up to the last frame, which will make you hoot with joy.

Thrills you can dip into partway through. Grey Area’s fantastic return gearing up for sci-fi godslaying.

And the jawdropping magnificence that is the true story of Judge Fire, a dream-addled masterwork that I read, reread, and read again.

Seriously, I can’t explain how much you just need to go buy this.

So yeah, 5/5.

Still here?

SAMDAVThe Writer of this piece was: Sam Graven
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