Batman Channels His Inner Taylor Swift in the Latest HISHE Video

imageTaylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video made several movie references from Tron: Legacy to Kill Bill and everything in between. It also featured several well know musical artists and actresses, which made the video was rife for a parody. To celebrate a decade of How it Should Have Ended videos, HISHE used Batman and Superman’s upcoming feud to create “Bat Blood.”

The song calls out several of the issues people had with Man of Steel with lyrics like “Snapped a neck. You lost respect.” or “Band-aids don’t fix building holes” references to Superman breaking Zod’s neck and Metropolis’ destruction.


Like T-Swift’s star studded video, HISHE included a who’s who of iconic movie and TV characters spanning their 10 year repertoire from Back to the Future’s Doc Brown, Alien’s Ripley, Evil Dead’s Ash, and more recently The CW’s Flash.

imageCharacters from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are present as well Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman are in Superman’s corner. Don’t worry Marvel fans, the stars of Captain America: Civil War also make an appearance.

We at the Big Comic Page want to congratulate the How it Should Have Ended crew for 10 years of animated videos and here’s to many more years of HISHE videos!

Check out the video below.

Tell us in the comments which HISHE video is your favorite.

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