Review – Lifehacks #1 (Ovidem Comics)

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Publisher: Ovidem Comics
Writer: Ovi Demetrian Jr
Artist: Jen Hickman
Release Date: August 19th, 2015 (AVAILABLE ON COMIXOLOGY)

In a slight change of pace from my regular type of book, I decided to take a shot on a small press title this week.

You could bluntly – if possibly a little unfairly – sum up Lifehacks as being a bit of a Sherlock/Person of Interest rip-off, but although the similarities are obvious, to brand this book as a ‘knock-off’ in any way would be doing the creators a massive disservice.

I’m not usually a fan of totally black and white books, but the aesthetic works really well here, with the overarching themes of the book including the question “where do you draw the line?” as well as looking at the size of ‘grey area’ that the law is willing to work in.

This first issue does a good job of setting up the characters, their motivations and basic plot. Although I haven’t read anything else about this book, it feels very clear that the creative team know exactly where they want to take the story and have a firm grasp of the pacing of the storyline beats. This gives the book a confident feel and allows the reader to relax into the story and enjoy the ride.

My only real bugbear about this book would be the artwork, and even then it’s only a matter of personal taste as I don’t particularly like the style. That said, the rough-and-ready look really fits in well with the tone of the story and – personal taste aside – I really wouldn’t want it to change as it definitely helps sell the drama and overarching themes of the book.

Minor niggles aside, I can definitely see a bright future for this book as a cult hit. I don’t know if it will break into the big time, but it will definitely serve as a sizeable feather in both creators’ caps for any of their future work.

Overall score: 4/5

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The writer of this piece was: David Gladman

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