Review – The Fiction #4 (of 4) (BOOM! Studios)

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Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Curt Pires
Art: David Rubin
Release Date: 16th September, 2015

I think I’ve just read something really quite brilliant in its way, I just wish I was sure of exactly what happened. Then again, I’m also wondering if that is the point? Curt Pires may well be a literal mad genius, but I can’t decide if the ending was a bit of a cop out. I don’t think it was, I’ve been thinking on it over, and over, and I’ll confess to being more than a little confused …. but, not annoyed at the ending.

We carry on – more or less – from where we left off in issue three with Tsang/The Black Entity pursuing Max, Kassie and Tyler through the book with the intent of killing them. Kassie now having some semblance of power is trying to fight back, and indeed almost does at one point, but the Black Entity is too strong. It knows that if it makes the killing stroke against out trio that the Golden Entity will step in to stop it, and it does, but I’m not saying anymore.

There are still elements in the story that I need to reconcile. I’m still pretty much in the dark about what the epilogue in part three was, and how it relates to the story and the story’s end. I’m also still not sure what the Black and Gold Entities are, except for the obvious symbology that is good and evil. Sounds like a whole lot of unanswered stuff, huh? Well, in a way that is exactly what it is, but the end does sort of complete the story without answering all these questions in an infuriating, but not wholly unsatisfactory way. This may sound like a half-assed review, but you’ll have to read the issue to understand the point I am trying to make here.

One thing about this issue that is absolutely stand out is the art and colour work. Wow! The framing is sensational, and little graphical tricks like the zoom in on the snapping of fingers, and the semi-mirrored full page panels are just a joy to the eye. The use of large blank spaces of white going into black block backgrounds just kicks the visual stimulus to eleven, and the use of angled framing to project a sense of motion is brilliant. It sounds a completely non-uniform mish-mash of style – and in a sense it is – the worlds inside the book are being ripped apart, and it is just a pictorial joy to watch.

Issue four of The Fiction is a sharp and perhaps a little over-intelligent end to the series. I think some people may feel the end is a bit of a cheat, but I enjoyed the story, even if I have to confess to still not fully understanding it. It should certainly prompt discussion between its readers, and this is a good thing. For me, another piece may fall into place five minutes after I submit this review that may make more sense, or it may not, and that is ok. I’m happy enough where I am with the conclusion, and the art is stunning.

Rating: 4/5.

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The writer of this piece was: Andrew McGlinn
Andrew Tweets from @Jockdoom.

1 Comment on Review – The Fiction #4 (of 4) (BOOM! Studios)

  1. this issue sucked. that non ending ruined the entire series for me. it added more questions and answered none, and this is THE LAST ISSUE. so there is no “everything will make sense as the series unfolds”. it is sloopy and bad story telling

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