Review – Gotham – Damned If You Do (Season 2, Episode 1)

gotham_season2hThe new season of Gotham kicked off it’s run operating under the premise of “Villains Rise“, with the details that have emerged indicating that this will lead to more of the tent pole Batman villains emerging, surely a good thing as the original creations in season one didn’t pull you in (Balloon Man, anyone?).

Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is still the main focus here, and he seems to have a handle on the role of Gotham’s future police commissioner, but he has some way to go to get there, as at this point he is on the traffic beat after having been demoted in season 1. His relationship with Leslie Tompkins (Morena Baccarin) is explored further yet things with Barbara (Erin Richards) haven’t quite ended cleanly even though she has been locked up in Arkham.


The Season 2 main cast.

The main problem that is becoming increasingly clear is that the show is struggling to balance aspects which are cartoonish with those that are taken out of a gritty crime drama. The approach taken to characters from the Batman mythos borders at time on the ridiculous drawing conclusions that whilst handled differently are far less credible.

That being said among the mishmash of different elements, there are some parts which aren’t that cringe worthy. Notable examples in this episode would be David Mazouz growing more (quite literally) into the role of Bruce and with the roster of villains shook up a little with Falcone and Mooney absent, in their place for this season we have two new players in Theo Galavan (James Frain) and Tabitha (Jessica Lucas).

But it is really hard to stay positive about this, given that comic book inspired TV shows is at a high mark at this time with The Flash, Arrow and Agents of SHIELD really setting the bar high, which this seems to be quite short of reaching. At this point unless you are hooked in then it is hard to imagine you finding a easy jumping on point.

2 / 5 – This season will have have to pick up because this was an especially weak and particularly silly opening episode.

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