Review – He-Man: The Eternity War #10 (DC Comics)

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Publisher: DC Comics
Story: Rob David
Script: Dan Abnett
Artwork: Pop Mhan, Mark Roberts
Release Date: 23rd September, 2015

There are a lot of different plates currently spinning in DC’s ongoing Eternity War series, but Rob David’s big picture is doing an admirable job of keeping everything from crashing to the floor.  So here’s where things stand;  Hordak has been vanquished, or so it seems, leaving a terrifyingly powerful Skeletor in his wake.  She-Ra has been banished to purgatory to attone for her actions under the mask of Despera.  Adam is powerless, having given up the mantle of He-Man and shattered the Sword of Power.   Oh, and as it turns out, Adam may not actually be Adam after all, but rather someone elssssssssse.  So yeah, like I said, a lot of different plates.

Thankfully, we have Dan Abnett’s slick dialogue and Pop Mhan’s gloriously dynamic artwork to carry us through as the Eternian army and the Snake Men prepare to march on Grayskull in an attempt to destroy Skeletor once and for all.  Abnett sets the scene with a suitably rousing speech from Adam, before Mhan elicits an audible yelp of nostalgia-fuelled joy as the army rides their wonderfully familiar vehicles into battle.  As always, there’s nothing subtle about the artistic approach of this book, and nor should there be in my opinion; this is bold, dramatic, in-your-face fantasy of the highest order,  and Mhan revels in it as his work – given an added injection of depth and energy by Mark Roberts’ scintillating colours – fills every page with lovingly rendered content.

I’m not going to delve into any sort of spoilers here, but this issue does feature the introduction of a new face – War Wraith, Skeletor’s elite killing machine – who looks absolutely fantastic as he tears into the battlefield.  Older plot threads are resurrected, previously forgotten twists and turns are brought back to the fore, sacrifices are made and losses are tallied up.  It’s truly magnificent stuff.  Oh,  and the creative team can’t help but leave us with yet another jaw-dropping cliffhanger as Mhan, Abnett and David combine into one truly stunning splash page.

Even if I wasn’t a lifelong He-Man fan – which I most definitely am – I would still be absolutely enamoured with this book.  The Eternity War is bold and dynamic, packed with twists, turns, and air-punching moments of awesomeness.   Plus, just when you think you know the answers, the creative team change the questions, yanking the wheel and sending things careering off into a wildly unexpected direction.  One of the most consistent titles in DC’s roster at the moment, even if some people still turn up their nose at the perceived ‘tacky cash-in for the camp 80’s TV show’, He-Man: The Eternity War is for real, folks, and you owe it to yourself to at least give it a chance.

Rating: 4.5/5.

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