DC Writers, Artists & Hollywood Talent Answer the Question: Who is Batman to You?

Batman is a legendary character who transcended from his comic book origins into the greater pop culture. Everyone knows who he is and what he stands for; however, since 1939 the character has been updated for each generation.  

With so many iterations, it’s hard to say which Batman is the correct one since the answers vary based on era, talent, and ultimately taste, which is subjective, meaning there are no wrong answers. We asked several people ranging from writers and illustrators at DC Comics to Hollywood stars the same question presented in the 2014 comedy Neighbors. Who is Batman to you? There was no restriction meaning comics, movies, TV, video games, etc. was fair game.

Brett Booth has illustrated Batman in a handful of Batman/Superman titles but currently can be found in Central City as the illustrator of The Flash. When asked he has his money on Ben Affleck. This is sure to spark some debate as many movie champion Christian Bale’s Batman as the best of them all.

Next up is Susan Eisenberg. You may not recognize her face, but if you saw Bruce Timm’s Justice League in the early 2000’s, then you know her as the voice of Wonder Woman. Her response won’t surprise fans of the cartoon as her pick went to Kevin Conroy. Although the two were on the series together, they never actually recorded their parts together.

If you’re one of the lucky ones attending New York Comic-Con ‘15 don’t miss the Justice League reunion. The panel will include casting director Andrea Romano, and the Justice League themselves Martian ManHunter (Carl Lumbly), Superman (George Newbern), Batman (Kevin Conroy), Hawkgirl (Maria Canals-Barrera), Green Lantern (Phil LaMarr), and of course Wonder Woman (Susan Eisenberg).

Paul Dini produced and wrote several Warner Bros./DC Comics animated series such as Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, The New Batman/Superman Adventures, Batman Beyond, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited the list goes on folks. No surprise he picked Kevin Conroy as his Dark Knight.

Skottie Young’s artwork can normally be found gracing the variant covers over at Marvel – you know those cute kiddie versions (I love them). Before everyone goes into a panic, he has drawn Batman in the past maybe not for DC but it is Batman day so everyone has been included. Anyways, Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX is the latest project of his over at Marvel and his original I hate Fairyland at Image Comics comes out in Oct. 2015. He also voted for Kevin Conroy.

With several votes for Kevin Conroy as the Batman. We had to ask Mr. Conroy himself who was his Batman. He gave us a more zen answer, which only further proves he knows who Batman really is.

Conroy has voiced Batman several times not just on TV but in the video game world as well. He will be reprising his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the upcoming DC animated movie Batman: The Killing Joke.

Writer Jim Palmiotti comically replied with the following as his answer to the question: Who is Batman to you?


However in Scott Snyder’s most recent run Jim Gordon has taken up the mantle as Gotham’s protector. This isn’t the first time Snyder’s put someone else under the iconic cape and cowl just check out the Shattered Mirror story arc. Hint it’s another familiar face.

Palmiotti has written a lot of western stories for DC Comics in All-Star Western and Jonah Hex, but he is currently helming the Harley Quinn comic, whose appropriately first appeared on Batman: The Animated Series.

Artist Chris Burnham changed things up saying his favorite Batman is the Power Records Batman. The Power Records Batman series was an episodic audio series in the 1970s.


Burnham has written a couple stories for Batman Incorporated, which is also where you can find his artwork.

Writer Matthew K. Manning couldn’t contain himself and gave us answers for each category. His work includes Beware The Batman and The Batman Strikes!


Heroes Reborn star Zachary Levi also chimed in that Michael Keaton is his Batman. Similar to Seth Rogen’s response to Zac Efron.


We reached out to both Efron and Rogen to confirm that their respective Batmen were in fact Christian Bale and Michael Keaton. We did not get a reply back, so just pretend that this was their response.

Clearly there was a majority here, but keep in mind this was just a small sample of peoples’ opinions. So whether you agree or disagree, it doesn’t mean you’re wrong. In fact here is your chance to sound off in the comments, who is or isn’t your Batman?

Personally I’m a fan of Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman, but I’m a sucker for Jim Lee’s depiction of Batman. Check out Jeph Loeb’s Hush if you get a chance.

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