Review – Little Terrors! Origins (Dead Universe Publishing)

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Title: Little Terrors! Origins: A Living Hell
Publisher: Dead Universe Publishing
Story: Jon Scrivens / Patrick Cline
Art: Brett Uren / Jon Scrivens

Little Terrors! is a horror comic series from writer creator Jon Scrivens. It’s a kind of Walking Dead for the younger, more bloodthirsty horror comic fan. Here he has entrusted his world to Patrick Cline to come up with an Origins story for three of the characters. Not knowing the original arc, I can only tell you that the three characters are, in turn, skinless, invisible and a bloody cyclops.

There’s not much to say story-wise about this issue, it really is just an opener to this origins arc. Each boy in his room slowly becomes skinless, invisible and a cyclops. It’s clear why the invisible boy becomes so – his father is a violent bully and on the evening that he slashes the mother’s throat and ends up dead himself, the son wishes he were invisible, didn’t exist, never born and so forth.

Because the story isn’t meaty enough to comment on, I will comment on the artwork, which I really did enjoy. Very bold outlines, lots of crimson, lots of melting, dripping skin and disembodied eyeballs – this is all the stuff of great horror comics that are fun and visceral. It reminded me of the books I loved as a kid and why I love blood, guts and gore in a comic. I pretty much guarantee this issue will have you reaching for the original arc.

Rating 3/5

HAZHAVThe Writer of this piece was: Hazel Hay
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