Review – Lara Croft & The Frozen Omen #1 (Dark Horse Comics)

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Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Corinna Bechko
Artwork: Randy Green, Andy Owens, Michael Atiyeh
Release Date: 7th October, 2015

“Right, lets get this over with” is what I imagined the creative team sighed when they got handed this job. Honestly, for me, this was a tough issue to get through.  Full disclosure: I have never been a fan of Tomb Raider, and this has made me even less inclined to remedy that in the future. I decided to read this during the two-hour bus journey back home after seeing my family and I had to stop multiple times to take a break and stare out the window to see something interesting.

The whole thing smacks of “do this one for us and we might let you do what you really want to do”. I do feel a little bad slagging it off as I have never seen anything else by the creators to benchmark it but this is by far the most boring, paint by numbers story I think I have ever read. Honestly, you could put basically any character in place of Lara and it would read the exact same.

I will say one thing positive about the book, Lara comes across as a normal person and while she’s still slightly sexualised, the imagery it is nothing compared to the depictions of the character in her heyday.

That aside, I would avoid this book unless you are a Tomb Raider collector and need it for the sake of completion. Even then, don’t bother opening it and hope that this particular creative team get enough sold to allow them to work on their ‘real’ idea.

Rating: 1/5 (easily one of the worst comics I have ever read).

The writer of this piece was: David Gladman

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