Geeking Out – Ganging Up

What, you were expecting a Bat-Rep? Patience, young Robin.

Before we take out first flight, we’re going to take a brief look at your other options for GCPD’s first. Law is very much self-contained: you don’t have to worry about paralysis of choice with an infinite variety of villains.  Loeb and cops is just one of your starter options. There’s also Gordon and Swat.

preview_WEBgordon - copia

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Not only does it stands on its own feet as a starter, it’s a great expansion as a Law player: Gordon is a solid boss (though this is Lt Gordon – Commissioner Gordon is one for the future) and can lead the full team of swat. Equally, Brandon from the Loeb set can lead them also, so it gives you choice and variety there.That being said, a standard 300 point game can’t afford Gordon and all the swat – to do that you need to outsource a bit and get some extra cash in the form of Batman ’66 (Adam West) and Alfred (who exists as a promo only, though comes with mail ordered rulebooks).

It is a recognised niggle with Law, but one that Knight seem to have acknowledged – Law Forces were picked up on in the recent FAQ, implying they are getting a refresh. Also, they all work with not only Batman (so any version of Batman that takes your fancy) but Green Arrow also, if you fancy Star City’s finest.  Additionally, Brandon can be run in Black Mask or Two-Face with cops, so you’ve got more options there if you so desire.


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Loeb and Brandon are Corrupt, however, allowing you to run cops in Organised Crime (to which they also belong); it’s an underdeveloped faction just now (though you can put Jason Todd with them) but one that will likely be expanded upon in future also.

Other options, which are lighter on your wallet, are the Cop packs. Each come with a generic and a unique named cop. Lovely models, good for gaps in lists. It’s also important to remember that you need generic henchmen to hold objectives in game, though arguably with your starter you already have enough of those also. So, alternatively, a heavy hitter – Batgirl or, for the biggest Law choice, Batwoman.


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Now much as I love Kathy Kane, Law’s strength is its ability to run hordes of cops, so I would suggest Batgirl. Brilliant, dynamic model, vicious in combat and reasonable in-game cost. Either, however, give you a good grounding for a Batman crew. Equally, if you’re keen to do something thematic, you could then pick up huntress and black canary for some birds of prey or Arrow action – and go full circle to your cops again.

So cops are self-contained, but expand well thematically also. I’ll look in more detail at Batman crews another time, but as a basis for your forays into playing in the DC sandbox, the cops are a great way to go. There’s even a model van kit for them if you want to get serious about your toys!


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And next time, Bat-fans, Hallowe’en’s finally here – as the Gotham cops take on Mr Penguin’s crew. Remember to keep the comments, likes and shares coming – still a chance to win the lovely hardback rules!

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3 Comments on Geeking Out – Ganging Up

  1. Tony Westgate // October 19, 2015 at 9:11 pm // Reply

    Awesome article! Downside is now I feel like I should buy all the law packs so I can play them and my batcrew seamlessly lol

    • That’s the spirit! To complement a Bat crew most effectively I would buy Gordon’s lot and the police blister 1, personally. Thanks for stopping by!

    • That is the way to do it! Most of the ‘good guys’ can work together, so in building a Law crew you’re potentially only one model away from a workable Arrow or Batman crew, and similarly, if you’ve got a Bat-crew then branching out to a fully Law team is super-easy!

      Nice writeup Sam, looking forward to the Bat-Batrep!

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