Knight Models reveal more details about LEGENDS series, including Arkham Asylum set!

Courtesy of the Knight Models Facebook Page, we have some more information about their previously announced “Knight Models Legends” line.

The line promises to deliver buildings and vehicles, including the absolutely stunning Arkham Asylum set below.


Click to enlarge.

Here’s the official blurb;

Due to the questions, guesses and predictions from the community following the reveal of Knight Models Legends this week, we would like to explain a little more about our new brand and what the future will hold for it.

Knight Models Legends was created with the idea of bringing the magic of comic book universes to our original product range. Iconic Buildings, detailed vehicles and even alternate miniature lines will all become reality with this new brand. We will be using different materials such as resin for many future releases as we would like KM Legends to be known for its superior quality.

The entire Knight Models Legends range will only be available in our online store, so we thought this would be a great time to combine it with the release of an entire new website design. One of the first new products you will find on there after launch will be our already famous Arkham Asylum.

We hope you are as excited by this new project as we are and we promise that this will be a VERY special new year at Knight Models. All of this is thanks to you, the fans!

We’ll have more information here as it becomes available, and don’t forget to keep checking out our regular Geeking Out column as we continue to take a look at the gaming side of the comic book world.

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