Knight Models launches new webstore, releases “Joker Edition” rulebook

Fancy grabbing yourself an Arkham Asylum? A limited edition Joker rulebook? Want to check out the new releases? Want a free set of Scarecrow-themed pumpkin tokens? Or just want to play with the all-new hero-builder? Head over to Knight Models’ brand-new webstore for more details – and be sure to check out our next Geeking Out: The Not-So Long Hallowe’en coming tomorrow too!

Here’s the official announcement, courtesy of the Knight Models Facebook page;

Good news everyone! We are pleased to show you our November releases, hope you like them as much as we do.Today is also an extraordinary day, because in addition to our monthly releases, we present you Knight Models new webstore, which will feature our new brand: Knight Models Legends.

You can visit the new webstore at

To celebrate the webstore’s launch, between October 30th and November 8th 2015, you will be able to acquire exceptionally at our webstore a limited edition BMG Joker Cover Rulebook.

We hope that this news will please all our community members. Also we would like to clarify that the Rulebook does not include any special edition miniature.

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