And Now For Something Completely Different: Top Horror of 2015

It’s that time of year again,when the Ghosts and Ghouls come to play and Goths around the world rejoice, like its Christmas Time. It’s no secret that here at BCP we love a good horror book, so we’ve decided that now would be the perfect time to look back on the years best Horror comics.

Colder By Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra


Consistently one of the top reviewed books by ourselves, Colder manages to haunt anyone who reads it, with a mix of horror genres and preying on the little things that you’re scared of.

The most recent arc of the series follows our lead Declan, as he tried to get his life back together after an altercation in the previous arc that left him minus a few key parts (no spoilers here), and a certain character from a previous arc makes a triumphant return.

With gorgeous art, and writing that will chill you to the bone, it’s one to leave the lights on once you’ve finished!

You can read a review here and an interview with the creators here!


Burning Fields by Michael Moreci, Tim Daniel and Colin Lorimer


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El Capitan Craig has praised this book time and time again as an instant classic and it’s no surprise once you’ve read more than a few pages.

Even just from the covers by Riley Rossomo, you can tell it’s going to be a dark and down right horrifying tale. Following Dana Atkinson and an Iraqi Investigator, who are sent to the Middle East, to look into some disturbing incidents at an oil field; the discover that all is what it seems.

With elements of John Carpenters “The Thing” and Zero Dark Thirty, it manages to seem fresh and new, while paying homage to some of the Horror genre’s greats.

See what we had to say about the first issue here!




Gotham By Midnight by Ray Fawkes, Ben Templesmith and Juan Ferreyra

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Every now and then, DC go a head and do something that manages to catch everyone by surprise. This year, they managed to do it twice, once when the series was announced, then when it seemed like everything was going swimmingly for the series, it was cancelled.

Following a department of the Gotham P.D. that dealt with all of the weird and unexplained, it was a departure from the way most Bat books have been going of late, and was a welcome addition to the ethos. With Jim Corrigan (The Spectre) taking centre stage, the book dealt with the strange and supernatural, and a side to Gotham that is normally unseen. Problems were dealt with using detective skills, not unlike The Bat, but had to be solved in a way that didn’t involve Corrigan’s Alter Ego.

When this did happen, there was destructive consequences, not only for the characters, but for the book itself, as it was announced not long after that it would be ending. We were fairly vocal about why it was too good to go at the time, and after the ramp up in quality every issue, it’s insane to thing that it’ll be going.

Give our review a look to see why we loved it right here.


Wytches By Scott Snyder & Jock

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It wouldn’t be Halloween without some Witches, would it? These aren’t just the warty, pointed hat wearing Witches you’re used to though, these Wytches are something straight out of your nightmares.

Following Sailor Rook and her family as they move into a new town, things aren’t all they seem as the girl that Sailor seemingly killed comes back from the forest to find her.

With equal parts Supernatural and Horror, the book praise on the idea the idea that there’s always something watching you from the shadows, and deals can be made to being that live in the trees.

With astounding artwork by Jock (Black Mirror, Losers, Daredevil) it’s no surprise that the series has been picked up by Plan B Entertainment to be made into a Movie.

We reviewed the book here see what we thought!


Outcast by Robert Kirkman and Paul Azceta*

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Click to enlarge.

Outcast is the new horror series from THE WALKING Dead creator , Robert Kirkman and artist Paul Azceta.

It focuses on Kyle Barnes who, for most of his life, has been surrounded by demonic possession. It has ruined his family and his life now he needs answers. Unfortunately, these answers all point to the end of the world as we know it. Bummer.

An excellent comic for All Hallows’ Eve.


*Contributed by Catriona McGlinn




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Article: And Now For Something Completely Different
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