Review – Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #1 (Titan Comics)

8thDoctorCoverPublisher: Titan Comics
Writer: George Mann
Artist: Emma Vieceli
Release Date: 4th November 2015

The Eighth Doctor is in many ways one of the unknown chapters in the Doctors story, whilst we can look back at previous iterations and find a beginning, a middle and end this isn’t quite the case with this version. Before the BBC successfully revived the show in 2005 the last official Doctor was number 8, introduced during a BBC/ Fox co-produced TV movie which was intended to revive the show almost a decade prior.

We were never aware of how he met his end between that point and Christopher Ecclestons take appearing on screen, though the character did continue to have adventures in expanded universe material such as comics and audio adventures. That was until 2013 saw the 50th Anniversary of the show and much to the surprise of fans we were provided with the end to that Doctor’s run in the webisode “Night of the Doctor”.

But this still leaves the very much unexplored middle portion still rife with storytelling opportunities and gave fans a taste for that particular version, having a finger on the pulse of the franchise Titan wisely decided to choose to explore this opportunity.

Much like the other titles previously launched by Titan featuring other Doctors this chapter in the Timelord’s story finds him introduced to a new companion (Josephine) with whom to travel on adventures. Handling the plot itself is established Doctor Who author George Mann, who has previously written novelizations of the character in his Time War and 11th variations, which serves the title well going forward as the writer has a firm grasp on the dizzying continuity associated with the show.

As you can imagine this issue plays very much like an opening episode in a series as the Doctor acting both in a very introductory manner yet acting as its own self contained story, giving us a hint at what is to come, setting the tone yet providing the characters of the Doctor and his new companion with a level of adversity to overcome. It works within these perimeters offering an exciting new chapter without getting too bogged down in the established.

The artwork is particularly airy and fun, with a great use of colours perfectly in line with hooking new readers into this Doctor’s new adventures. In addition to the interior artwork the covers as with much of Titan’s Doctor Who output are perhaps some of the best in the industry right now with superior photo-realistic offerings.

Whether you are familiar with this particular Doctor isn’t necessary as it offers the usual trappings that make the core character so great, the eccentricities, the blue box and the companion.

Rating: 4/5.

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GARYavGary Kane aka (GK)
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1 Comment on Review – Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #1 (Titan Comics)

  1. I don’t mind cartoony artwork but i don’t think theres a single panel in the whole book that looks like the 8th doctor

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