Ask Us Anything 5/11/15 – “If any of us could write one issue of What If? for Marvel what would it be?”

We asked you across Facebook, Twitter and on here last week to send us your questions and we would attempt to tackle the best ones. You didn’t disappoint, providing us with some interesting topics to discuss.

Remember that this will be cycled on an ongoing basis, from this point forward each and every week we will answer those burning questions which you may have. So be sure to let us know in the comments, on Facebook or Tweet your questions at us.

Greg: I would send Green Lantern to Marvel, the expanded Galaxy would offer so many opportunities. As for Villain I would put Apocalypse into the DC Universe just to see what his Horsemen would be eg. The Bats, Black Hand, Sinestro and Firestorm???

Gary: I would take switch Thanos with Darkseid, then for heroes I would switch Firestorm with Firelord. Just to see if anyone even noticed.

Laurence: Deadpool and Galactus from Marvel for sure. DC… Hmm maybe Batdad (Flashpoint Bat man) and Black Hand

David: The Great Lake Avengers and Teen Titans. No villains as they are all quite Samey.

Ross: Constantine over to the Marvel Universe. Some kind of Deadpool/Constantine team up would rock my world. Venom (or more specifically, the Symbiote) over to the DC Universe, and even more specifically, Gotham. Initially infects Batman, then finds its way to the Joker when Bats rejects it as Spidey did. The word ‘argh’ springs to mind!

W1Q2Greg: YES! and I currently am, it’s a comedy horror and will hopefully be ready for the world to see next year.

Kieran: I have a few ideas. All of them are horror based, crossed with other genres like crime, westerns, comedy and sci-fi. I’d love to try to tackle one some day, and I probably will even if I fail trying.

Gary:  I have but being a realist and knowing were my strengths are wouldn’t pursue it, look at all the great indie writers looking to cut their teeth in the big two and struggling in spite of producing great work. Plus when it comes to writing I know I am best when I am writing in a report format, it was where I was somewhat good at academically. But If I were to write a comic I would probably stick to the superhero genre because it’s versatile enough to bring in other sensibilities, so I could mould personal experiences around a larger than life superhero world.

Laurence: I’d write/I’m writing a short horror story about my travels from California back to the Midwest.

David:  I think of comic stories a lot of the time and currently have 2-3 continuities on the go. Unfortunately I can’t write or draw to save myself so they have to stay in my head. They are all variations of superheroes from OP characters to slightly useless Misfits.

Ross: Yes. Probably either a modern fantasy, or science fiction. Though I may be more suited to prose rather than script writing. Quite honestly, I’d really love to see a Scottish super-hero pantheon set up, and I’m really surprised that more hasn’t been done in that regard, given quite how much comic book talent we’ve produced as a nation. The only one I’ve really seen so far is Saltire, but maybe I need to do more research… maybe find a Batman to go with Saltire’s Superman…? *writes that down*
W1Q3Greg: What if Deadpool was sane and everyone else was crazy?

Gary: What if the Marvel Universe realised it was fictional? – Existentialism and a Stan Lee cameo just ’cause.

Laurence: What if Berserker Rage Wolverine bonded with the Carnage symbiote?

David: What if the Hulk/Iron Man/Captain America never existed but the other Marvel characters did?

Ross: Tough question. The burning ones that I had for a while have now been covered in Spider-Gwen and Superior Iron Man! Although an actual What If? might be having Tony Stark start out as a bad guy – stripping him of all his virtues from the beginning, and having him become a supervillain instead of a hero, to be taken down by Captain America. A proto-civil war, I guess? But a more accurate answer would be ‘No idea!’.
W1Q4Greg: Multiple man, I love the fact his clones when rejoined would eir with his, so building on that I would re-imagine him as a ridiculously good Shield agent, it just lends itself to the spy genre.

Kieran: I love Batman, but I’d love him even more if he killed his foes without remorse. I’m talking decapitations, Batarangs slicing throats, Bat darts full of deadly poisons. Things like that. The death of his parents would have made him a merciless, cold-blooded vigilante who’d make Frank Castle look like Barney The Dinosaur.

Gary: This is a toughy, straight off the top of my head I would remove the Black Widow having a barren womb schtick from the movie Universe and add literally any kind of compelling origin, perhaps she killed for fun or was truly indoctrinated into an ideal.

Laurence: Fantastic Four was a terrible movie, but the one thing they did correctly was using Reed Richards’ abilities to contort his face. So I’d want to see him and the FF as secret agents of SHIELD or something.

David: Take away the Void from the Sentry and have them as separate personalities again.

Ross: I’d go for Spider-Man without the radioactive spider in his origin story – rather than have him be a meta-human, have him be a spider-obsessed tech genius. Uncle gets murdered, and he just goes full on Batman (“Yes, Uncle, I will become a spider!”). There’s all sorts of tech (real, speculative, and good ol’ made-up) that could replace his various powers, and it’d be interesting to explore how a Spider-Man who can’t dodge bullets approaches the various situations he’s invariably presented with, and how he hides his tech developments from his employers, OsCorp! What’s that? Foreshadowing conflict with the Green Goblin? You’re goddamn right.


Greg: Han shot ONLY!… ONLY!

Gary: George Lucas shot first.

David: Both of them [Han/Greedo] are as bad as each other

Laurence: Han! The special editions are not my Star Wars.

Ross: Grand Moff Tarkin.

Honourable Mentions: Jonathan McQuade, Facebook; “I’d probably ask who caught the Supergirl pilot last night and what you thought of it?” and Paul Bowler, comments; “how about your thoughts on the new Supergirl TV show, and what other female characters would you like to see get their own TV show?”

Following these questions being asked Laurence reviewed the pilot episode which can be caught here – Supergirl Pilot Review.

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