Review – DTHRTL #2

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Publisher: Castle Rock Comics
Writer/Artist: Bob Turner
Release Date: 14th November, 2015 (Thought Bubble Festival)

Review a book that has no dialogue, he said. You’ll love it, he said.

I hate it when Craig is right.

Set for release at next weekend’s Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds, DTHRTL (death rattle) #2 follows in the journey of our unnamed-protagonist-with-no-discernible-features (for the purpose of the review, let’s call him Steve. Really sorry if I missed his name, Bob, but he just feels like a Steve, y’know?) after being swallowed by a beastie along with what can only be described as Death (?) at the end of the first issue.

From there, we see many colourful and different worlds as Steve journeys through portal after portal, collecting a sword along the way.

Honestly, I found DTHRTL #2 to be an absolute breath of fresh air, with a genuinely original concept presented in a way that manages to be both cohesive and easy to follow. There are hints of Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye and that episode of Buffy when they’re all deaf, and I mean that as no slight comparison! With a dense panel structure, DTHRTL has a narrative that manages to be both humorous and heartwarming which, without the use of words, is a truly impressive feat!

Artistically, you can’t help but draw comparisons with the likes of Neil Slorance, Skottie Young and Jamie Smart with Turner’s super saturated colour palette and cartoony/comic book style and clean, simple line work.

Honestly, it never ceases to amaze me the caliber of work coming out of the independent circuit these days, and DTHRTL is no exception. Stunning from start to finish, this one manages to go against the grain in such a simple, yet utterly perfect way.

Chris_AvatarThe writer of this piece was: Chris Bennett
Article Archive: And Now For Something Completely Different
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