Geeking Out – March of the Penguins 

A little while ago on Geeking Out we looked at how to expand a Law crew. This time, we’re going look out ways to bulk out the Penguin crew, but more generally some of the main ways to include some classic villains and generic goons – whatever you happen to be interested in.

Penguin has some great generic grunt packs for his gang, and you’re going to want plenty of goons for him (as we saw in our latest Batrep!) Notwithstanding the brilliant sculpting of the Gotham TV Penguin (which simply rocks as a display piece if nothing else), two in particular stand out from a gameplay point of view, and they also happen pair up beautifully.

[Gotham TV Penguin and Sickle – Click to Enlarge]

Sickle, from the Arkham video game series, is a gigantic bodyguard and general killing machine that can protect your Penguin and lay down serious damage. Even if you’re not a fan of the video games, this is a lovely model and a vicious figure in game. Pair him up with Conqueror, from the third Penguin thugs set, and you have a serious combat crew. Alternatively, break open Blackgate for Prisoners Set 2, which give you a wide range of potent henchmen that are more durable than your average mook.

[Catwoman and Deadshot – Click to Enlarge]

That’s all well and good, but we’re in it for the big guns, right? Penguin’s Lord of Business ability brings more money to the table than any else in the game, and that money guys you some serious hardware, as well as 1 free agent per 100 points rather than 150 (so 3 in a standard game). When you have money, you want more money right? And with Penguin also bringing an extra Loot, who better than Catwoman to steal it for you? Fast and acrobatic, she scores double for Loot objectives, and will work for pretty much any gang (even the Bat). Or if you want more wallop, Mr Freeze does likewise, although draining some of your $s. Of course, you can always take both…

Or what about bringing some REALLY big guns? The main man Lobo is a killing machine, but for my money Deadshot is your man. Fast, heavily armed, and durable, he’s a class act who can deal with a lot of your opponent’s firepower and sweep up nicely at the end. If you prefer your heavy hitter really heavy, Killer Croc is supremely mobile as his Lord of the Sewers ability gives you an extra sewer grate and a whole extra plane to move in. For a game that’s often about 3-dimensional movement, folk often forget what’s right beneath their feet. Finally, there’s a finesse option to consider. Poison Ivy is arguably the most dangerous character in the game, able to instantly kill anyone in the right set of circumstances. Complex to use, she also heads up her own crew (which we’ll look at in future) but can be the deadliest of additions.

[Killer Croc and Poison Ivy – Click to Enlarge]

So that’s a brief overview of some ways to grow your ‘flock’. Do keep on commenting, liking and sharing folks!

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