Review – The Goon Library Volume 1 (Dark Horse Comics)

GoonlibPublisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Eric Powell
Artist: Eric Powell
Release Date: November 11th, 2015

If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading The Goon yet, then this is a perfect starting point. It contains the first 3 volumes of Eric Powell’s critically acclaimed saga, meaning that there’s plenty of madness to immerse yourself in to get acquainted. As for established fans of the series, you’ll no doubt want to add this to your collection and relive the early adventures of our hero. There really isn’t anything out there like The Goon; those who have read it can attest to that statement, whereas newcomers will find out for themselves by the very first frame.

The Goon’s story begins in Lonely Street, where The Zombie Priest and his undead cronies are trying to overthrow the shadowy mobster Labrazio so they can become the dominant organized crime syndicate in town. However, there’s just one problem – Labrazio’s enforcer the Goon, along with his sidekick Frankie, isn’t prepared to let that happen. The Zombie Priest is obsessed with eliminating the Goon at any cost, which includes sending giant monkeys and other sorts of ungodly creations his way. But the Goon is a bad ass who can deal with any obstacle thrown at him – no matter how horrific and hilarious they may be.

Needless to say, The Goon doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s chock full of zany dark comedy that ranges from the laugh-out-loud to the downright bizarre. There isn’t a gag that’s off-limits, which always keeps you wondering where it could possibly go; then it surprises, shocks and sends you into fits of uproarious laughter because of where it goes. Yet, at the heart of it, there’s just that – heart. In lieu of the hilarity, there is plenty of touching and heart moments which give this monstrous insanity a dose of humanity. The phrase “expect the unexpected’’ has never been more fitting; especially in a world where anything is possible.

Powell himself tackles both writing and artwork duties. This is his baby, and throughout the years it’s grown into one of storytelling’s most beautiful mutations. Reading these old stories over again only serves as a reminder of how spectacular this series has, and has been from the get go. The Goon has earned its place in the upper echelons with the best comic series ever, and this is where it all began.

It doesn’t get much better than this.

Rating: 5/5.

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The writer of this piece was: Kieran Fisher
Kieran Tweets from @HairEverywhere_

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