Wagner and Grant’s ROK OF THE REDS headlines BHP Comics’ upcoming release schedule!

Scottish-based publisher BHP Comics – the minds behind the hugely successful Glasgow Comic Con – have just announced details of their upcoming slate of releases, and to say they’re going all-out with the new books would be a major understatement.

With new titles from comic legends like John Wagner and Alan Grant as well as from up-and-coming creators like Gary Chudleigh, Tanya Roberts and Garry Mac — not to mention reprints and collected editions of their existing title like Laptop Guy and Maximum Alan, and an incredible-sounding in-depth look at the history of comics and the art of Frank Quitely — it’s safe to say that there’s going to be something here to satisfy any comic fan’s tastes.

You can check out the full solicitation information below, complete with release dates and cover prices, and let us know which of these you’re planning on picking up next year.

ROK OF THE REDS (six-part miniseries)

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Issue 1 March 2 2016 | 24 Pages | R.R.P £3.99
Issue 2 May 4 2016 | 24 Pages | R.R.P £3.99
Issue 3 July 6 2016 | 24 Pages | R.R.P £3.99

Written by John Wagner & Alan A. Grant
Art by Dan Cornwell
Colours by Abigail Bulmer
Lettering by Jim Campbell

Industry legends John Wagner and Alan Grant (Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Judgement on Gotham, A History of Violence) team up once again to bring you Rok of the Reds alongside stunning art by Dan Cornwell.

Rok of the Reds is a six part series showing what happens when the lives of a dangerous intergalactic outlaw and an arrogant footballer collide. With his home world destroyed, Rok of Arkadi is on the run and needs a hiding place. And that hiding place happens to be troubled football star Kyle Dixon.

A black comedy about revenge, redemption and the ‘beautiful game’.


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Release Date: 18 March 2016 | 180 page Boxed
R.R.P £29.95 | ISBN: 978-1-910775-03-5
Written by Laurence Grove & Peter Black
with Sha Nazir and Gareth K. Vile

Accompanying the University of Glasgow, Hunterian Art Gallery and Museum Exhibition, this deluxe format box of books takes an in-depth look at the history of comics – from a facsimile of the world’s first comic, to a study of one of finest modern day comic artists in Frank Quitely. Comic Invention spans centuries and genres in it’s examination of how the art form developed over the years, with fantastic illustrations and images including the examples of works by Roy Liechtenstein, Any Warhol, Picasso and rare images from ancient manuscripts.

Over 180 Pages as 5 elements housed within a Deluxe Art Box.

– Comic Invention: An introduction to the Worlds First Comic
– Comics & Culture
– The Invention of Comics
– The Art of Frank Quitely
– The Glasgow Looking Glass Facsimile


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Available Now | 84 Page TPB
R.R.P £7.99 | ISBN: 978-1910775004

Written by Jack Lothian
Art & Colours by Sha Nazir
Lettering by Colin Bell

When fast food worker Sha blows his life savings on creating a comic called Laptop Guy, it’s a move that might not just cause his finances to crumble… but his entire world as well. Especially he starts to fear that his own fictional creation is haunting him… Laptop Guy collects the first three issues of the critically acclaimed full colour sitcomic, with an introduction by John Wagner (A History of Violence, Judge Dredd).

Excerpts from Laptop Guy have also been featured in magazines such as Comic Heroes and Starburst.

“…a biting look at the world we live in…” Ain’t It Cool News

“…the ideas come good, the dialogue turns cynical, nasty and works so much better”Forbidden Planet

“If you’re into comics (and the people who make them) then you will want to read Laptop Guy”Starburst Magazine


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Release Date: 18 March 2016 | 84 Page TPB
R.R.P £8.99 | ISBN: 978-1-910775-04-2
SICBA 2015 Award Winner for Best Comic and Best Artist
Written by Gary Chudleigh
Art & Colours by Tanya Roberts
Lettering by Colin Bell

The near future. Scotland has been left devoted by a plague that has swept the country. The scattered population struggle to survive from day to day. And the blame for this pandemic falls squarely on ‘witches’ – seemingly ordinary people with extra-ordinary powers- who are hunted down and forced to stand trial by government sanctioned witchhunters.

Thomas Mackie is one such witch-hunter and, alongside his dog Dex, he hunts down witches in order to save enough money and buy his way to a better life in one of the exclusive luxury apartment blocks, an oasis from the poverty and devastation. But things take an unexpected turn when Mackie’s latest target- a witch called Miranda Leeblackmails him into helping her act out a dangerous plot to cure the plague, once and for all.

Written by Gary Chudleigh with art from Tanya Roberts (Star Wars : The Clone Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), this trade paper back collects the first three issues with bonus material.

“I can’t stress how good this comic is”- Big Comic Page

“humour, wit and an endearing charm”-

“a damn fine little book, knowingly lightweight, playing with the ideas of a comedy drama with a sci-fi theme and doing it all so very well”Forbidden Planet

“The combination of Chudleigh’s story and Roberts’ art make for a real winner of a comic, as fun to read as it is to look at. Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles is a fine all-ages book that really is a delight to all ages.”


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Release Date: 20 April 2016 | 48 Page Graphic Novel
R.R.P £9.99 | ISBN: 978-1-910775-06-6
Art & Colours by Clare Forrest
with text by Fiona Gordon

Clare Forrest’s Mighty Women of Science is a playful and enlightening look at some well known- and some not so well known- women who have and continue to change the world of science. From A for Astronaut (Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space) to Z for Zoologist (the award winning Biruté Gladikas), Mighty Women of Science is an all ages book in full colour.


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Release Date: April 2016 | 48 Page Graphic Novel
R.R.P £7.99 | ISBN: 978-1-910775-05-9
Written by Jack Lothian
Art by Garry Mac
Colours by Sha Nazir

When an old lady wakes up one morning to find the rest of the world has disappeared, she struggles to cope with the loneliness and isolation. But then she finds out she might not be quite alone as she thought…

Tomorrow is a haunting sci-fi story, in a prestige format one-shot graphic novel, from screenwriter Jack Lothian (Strike Back, Doc Martin, Shameless, Skins) and artist Garry Mac (Gonzo Comic, Freak Out Squares).


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Release Date: May 2016 | 100 Page TPB
R.R.P £9.99 | ISBN 978-1-910775-01-1
Written by Ross Leonard
Art by Brian Rankin
Colours by David Newbigging

Maximum Alan takes you on a surreal journey through a day in the life of Alan Moore as his peaceful routine is shattered by a horde of deadly multi-dimensional ‘Alan Moores’, out to tear apart the fabric of reality itself. And it’s not even lunch-time.

A truly original and fantastical piece of work.

“Very funny and bizarre”David Lloyd

“We read Maximum Alan… and laughed for ages”OchAye Comics

All of these titles are currently available for pre-order by calling (0141) 332 6034 or by emailing

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