Ask Us Anything 12/11/15 “Which comic character should have a TV show or movie?”

It’s that time again, folks. The questions are in, and our team have been fixed all week in their best Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’ poses pondering answers. Remember, if you’d like the team to tackle a question, you can ask us anything on Facebook or Twitter.

Ok, you guys have provided some cracking questions again this week, so let’s have a look at the team’s responses…


Greg – Green lantern Corp as a buddy cop drama/comedy.

Andrew M – I’ve said this for years and I think it would be excellent; Warren Ellis’ Planetary and, although I’ve gone off him over his past six or seven… well, since Pirates 2, but I believe Johnny Depp would make a brilliant Elijah Snow.

David – The symbiotes (have Toxin hunting down Eddie Brock, Venom, and Carnage) and Molecule Man.

Christopher – A Netflix series of Transmetropolitan would make me a very happy boy as Spider Jerusalem – for the uninitiated he’s basically a cyberpunk riff on Hunter S. Thompson – is one of my favourite characters and the potential for the show to be hilarious, both culturally and politically relevant and generally awesome is off the chart.

Gary – Plasticman as a comedy movie, Simon Pegg as the titular character and Nick Frost as his sidekick Woozy Winks. Tell me that formula doesn’t equal greatness!

Kieran – Lobo. This is a guy who needs his own TV series.

Martin – The Goon! I know there’s a movie in production hell, but a TV show might work just as well.

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Andrew M – I think I was six, or seven. My dad came into my bedroom one Saturday morning and handed me a copy of The Eagle and 2000 AD. He told me I had an open subscription with the Newsagent for these and I’d get them every week.

David – I don’t really remember; it just happened. I think it was probably the old Spider-Man cartoons and Batman films.

Christopher – I grew up on the Dandy & the Beano like all good Scots children, but grown up comics almost passed me by until I visited a school friend who had developed a collection of graphic novels which included Transmetropolitan, Preacher, Watchman etc. and that’s what dragged me in.

Gary – Too young to remember but as a child I would read what my brother had and Batman: Death in the Family stuck out.

Kieran – I didn’t get seriously into comics until high school. As a kid I read the Beano and Dandy, but it was Faust: Love of the Damned that got me hooked. I picked it up after the movie came out and blew my mind. My comic book obsession came at a time where I was discovering B-movies and adult orientated horror novels. My tastes have remained very similar since.

Martin – As a kid I loved The Beano, The Dandy, The Broons, Our Wullie, and Commando, but when I was 10 a friend of mine introduced me to boarded and bagged books, and graphic novels. It felt like opening the Ark of the Covenant each time I went to his house, such a special kind of excitement. From then on I was totally hooked.

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Greg – Friendly staff that know where you should start reading from.

Andrew M – It has to be a long and narrow building that feels totally claustrophobic. Preferably with a narrow staircase entrance. Midtown Comics in Manhattan is the prime example, Forbidden Planet in Glasgow too, but with likeable staff.

David – They welcome you, then leave you alone, but are approachable when needed.

Christopher – It’s easy to go on about range of comics, accessories etc. but what makes a shop great is it’s staff. They need to be approachable, knowledgeable, passionate, helpful, non-patronising, non-misogynistic and generally nice above all things.

Gary – Variety of stock; i.e., your weekly diamond releases, back issues and Indie/small, with the standard range of collectibles. The cash desk at either the back or front so the shop flies and you font feel always walking in when it is quiet. Approachable staff, no need to prompt customers for help just let them ask for non-judgemental advice, as comics are entirely subjective.

Kieran – Aside from a good selection of comic books, I like shops with polite staff who engage in conversation about comics. I like to go into a store and leave with a blind buy based on a recommendation.

Martin – Friendly, knowledgeable, and non-judgemental staff, plenty of browsing space, and a wee chill area for reading newly bought books.

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Greg – Ironman, he’s a strategist, would wait for Hulk to do the heavy lifting, then lure him over the top rope.

Andrew M – I have to confess to not knowing enough about the history of the Avengers to make an informed decision (hey, I’m a DC guy!).

David – The Sentry on a good day, but any other time the Hulk.

Christopher – I could come up with an involved reason why Mister Fantastic or Ant-Man could be the winner but let’s be honest… Hulk Smash.

Gary – From what I gather, the last few winners of the Royal Rumble have proven unpopular choices, being seen to be getting pushed at the expense of fan favourites, so if I was going to use those parameters, anyone who is an Inhuman would win.

Kieran – Thor. He fits Vince McMahon’s criteria of a superstar. But if it was a Royal Rumble that wasn’t scripted by WWE I’d go for Hulk.

Martin – Thor! Surely if he just stood still with Mjölnir in his hand, no one would be able to lift him over the top rope, right?

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David – I think they are going to become the go-to source for books, with paper versions being reserved for collector’s editions or issues you really like.

Kieran – I think digital is the future for everything. I’ll always collect physical copies of comics, movies and books as long as it’s an option, but digital is certainly more convenient for most people.

Well, that wraps up this week’s questions. Thanks again for your input, and remember to submit your questions for next week on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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  1. You can spot this guess, as a back-up for the pass, don’t pass,
    come and don’t come wagers.

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