Review – Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers #1 (of 5) (IDW Publishing)

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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Writer/Artist: Nick Roche
Release Date: 25th November, 2015

When IDW released Last Stand of the Wreckers back in 2010, it took its place in Transformers history as an instant classic. In just 5 issues, writer Nick Roche and James Roberts re-affirmed why classic characters such as Kup, Springer and Perceptor were so beloved, while also re-introducing some criminally underused characters to the mythos and making fans love them all over again.

And then killing them all off graphically, of course.

Sins of The Wreckers looks to carry on more or less from where ‘Last Stand’ left off. While some time has passed since the Wreckers’ adventures on Garrus 9, they are still very much feeling the after-effects, and dealing with their individual demons. Semi-peace with the Decepticons has left their ‘suicide squad’ somewhat obsolete, but leave it to human cohort Verity Carlo to set the pot boiling again, bringing the action back to Earth with a plot point directly related to ‘Last Stand’.

It’s important not to let the fact this is a sequel put you off. A very quick and simple recap is provided on the group’s previous exploits, and ‘Sins…’ still has plenty going on to keep you interested without cramming in backstory.

Roche handles art duties again on the book, and handles it as excellently as he always has on Transformers. He’s a strong writer too though, and the dialogue sizzles, especially in the early exchanges between Kup and Arcee, and while the action here is limited, it’s to be expected in a setup issue. Once the gang is back together, you can expect things will start to heat up.

Although this first instalment is very well put together, Sins of The Wreckers won’t blow you away straight out of the gate, as Roche needs these pages more to set the tone of the series than to start blowing things up (and, presumably, killing robots). Everything is here that needs to be, though. Action, mystery, and character development – especially between Impactor and Roadbuster – are all present and accounted for, and if Roche and his Wreckers’ track record is anything to go by, this’ll be a hit.

Rating: 3/5.

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