The World Debut of the Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Marvel Studios have finally released the long-awaited trailer for their upcoming release, Captain America: Civil War.

The follow up to Captain America: The Winter Soldier sees Bucky (Sebastian Stan) on the run with his pal Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) a.k.a. Captain America in tow – this time aiding the fugitive.

The trailer focuses on “The First Avenger” being viewed more as a vigilante than a hero.

Although we don’t get see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in this debut trailer, we do get our first look at Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman), who by the look of things doesn’t appear to be on either side.panther

The trailer comes to an epic conclusion with Steve choosing Bucky over Tony (Robert Downey Jr.). Cap and The Winter Solider are seen teaming up again Tony and his new Iron Man suit.

 Hitting theatres on May 6th next year, the film is directed by Anthony and Joseph Russo, and kicks off Marvel’s Phase Three.

Check out the trailer below, and let us your hear your hopes and fears in the comments below.

Trailer can be found here:

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