Review – Black Magick #2 (Image Comics)

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Nicola Scott
Release Date: 25th November, 2015

Greg Rucka & Nicola Scott, you mysterious masters, what strange magic do you weave over me this day? What spell have you cast to captivate me so?

It must be Black Magick.

Yep that was corny, but it is true. This magic is MAGNIFICENT.

This second issue picks up the tale the morning after the events in issue one and quietly introduces us to the troupe of characters who would appear to be Rowan Black’s supporting cast. Greg Rucka subtly weaves a web of conversations and interactions that just feels real. These characters talk to each other, and nothing feels superfluous. They converse, they chat, and in doing so they build up the story and inform the reader without obvious exposition. This is so refreshing and natural, it’s almost painful to have to critique it, and I am certainly finding it very difficult to find anything negative to say, so I won’t.

What struck me about this issue is that it works without the need for any action set pieces at all. No double page spreads, no cartoon sound effects, no gimmicky schlock. Rucka manages to keep my attention with his word-craft and he is ably abetted by his fellow spellcaster, Nicola Scott.  Her work here is gorgeous. Expressive, evocative and just too darned pretty.

My wife, who is usually a bit meh about comic art was as impressed as I have seen her be with a comic book (short of David Mack’s run on Daredevil), and that for me sealed the deal.

There are comics that are worthy of full marks, there are comics that are instant hits, and indeed there are comics that are instant classics. I truly believe, that if Rucka and Scott continue in the same vein with which they have started this series, then they will have this book being spoken about in revered tones for many, many years.

In my opinion, Black Magick is already a must buy, it’s already a book worthy of discussion. I also think it’s worthy of awards. In fact, I have a tasty looking hat in my hall that I will pretend to eat if this book doesn’t get a decent TV treatment. Time will tell, but whatever happens, make sure I get my full 30 issue fix of Rowan Black, BUY THIS BLOODY BOOK!

Rating: 5/5.

The writer of this piece was: John Wallace
John Tweets from @jmwdaredevil.

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