Review – Disunity #2 (Blotch Comics)


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Publisher: Blotch Comics
Writer: Ron Batchelor and Rem Fields
Artist: Ron Batchelor
Release Date: 25th November 2015

Someone knows how to undo the biggest mistake of your life but won’t tell you,  and has killed one of your friends to stop you finding out. What do you do? Jump head first into the danger? Of course you do, since you’re immortal.

The second issue of Disunity picks up not long after where we left John. He is on his way home to meet up with a group of friends, that includes a teleporter (called A. Porter) and a telepath. The phases (the name for ripples in the wormhole that drop things off), has left many interesting things behind, particularly John’s base of operations, Tartarus, which adapts to the occupants physiology, copies their powers, and appears to be sentient in a similar way to the TARDIS.

Again Ron and Rem have added a heavy dose of realism via the characterisation. Although it is clear that it is John’s team and he is the boss, the other characters are openly dissenting to his cavalier attitude and clearly have their own interests and agendas. One character explicitly states, that when this mystery is solved he will retire to a relatively safe island in the middle of the ocean. This helps sell the book’s more outlandish aspects, grounding the characters despite their abilities.

As the story continues, the team find Stump’s informant (the last person he spoke to before getting killed), who gives up his employer and begs to be forgotten about. However, the information he provides means John must return to where it all began: Las Vegas. Towards the end of the book we flashback to the aftermath of the incident, and see a less-experienced John dealing with the first monsters (or panicking aliens) through the phase.

Overall, this confirms my initial thoughts on the first issue, and I am really looking forward to where the story goes next. I don’t think John will be able to close the phase easily, and even if it does cost his life (as I think it will), the team have set up a universe rich for mining.

Rating: 4/5.

The writer of this piece was: David Gladman
David Tweets from @the_gladrags


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