Van Sciver, Taylor Bringing New Green Lantern Corps Mini-Series

An early Christmas present for fans of the Green Lantern, with the news that fan favourite artist Ethan Van Sciver will once again be illustrating the adventures of sector 2814’s protector and the Green Lantern Corps, alongside Injustice scribe Tom Taylor.

The official DC Comics press release can be read below:

Ethan Van Sciver is back! Tom Taylor is joining him! Together, they’re going to save the Green Lantern Corps!

Taylor, writer of the immensely popular INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US, and Van Sciver, the fan-favorite illustrator of the best-selling titles GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH, FLASH: REBIRTH and BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT, team up to bring you an epic new six-issue miniseries from DC Entertainment: GREEN LANTERN CORPS: EDGE OF OBLIVION!

The series is set to hit shelves on January 13th, so we’ve included a couple of cover previews, and some of the fantastic interior art to whet your appetite.


MDAVThe Writer of this piece was: Martin Doyle
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