Review – Colder: Toss the Bones #4 (Dark Horse Comics)

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Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Paul Tobin
Artist: Juan Ferreyra
Publication Date: December 30th, 2015

As we reach the penultimate issue of Colder: Toss The Bones, Declan and Reece find themselves on the run in the Hungry World, and encounter all manner of unsettling monstrosities and situations as they try desperately to escape the clutches of the seemingly unstoppable Nimble Jack. The key selling point for the entire Dark Horse Colder series has been the wonderfully disturbing collaboration between Paul Tobin’s twisted ideas and Juan Ferreyra’s grotesque artwork, and in that respect, this latest chapter once again delivers in spades.

This issue sees Tobin probing some of the darker recesses of his brain for things to make our skin crawl, and the poor forsaken children of the Hungry World (see the artwork preview below) are a perfect example of that. He also throws a bit of a curveball later in the issue as Declan comes up with a bold strategy to take the fight to Nimble Jack – a strategy which is eclipsed by an absolutely insane (pun partially intended) gambit on the very last page by Reece. Suffice to say that the final issue of the series promises to deliver a truly unforgettable conclusion.

Ferreyra’s artwork is of its typical high standard here, although it has to be said that the quiet, creeping dread of this issue feels almost restrained when compared to some of his previous insanity – most recently in the pages of the utterly incredible finale of DC’s Gotham by Midnight. The issue is filled with subtle moments that get under your skin however, such as the quiet resignation of the aforementioned children and the ever-present pigeons – the unofficial ‘mascot’ of this series.

At this stage, it’s difficult to say anything about this series that I haven’t said already, but allow me to summarise: Nimble Jack is undoubtedly one of the finest horror creations in years, and his actions in this series only serve to solidify that position; Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra are a creative partnership made in heaven – or, y’know, hell, depending on how you look at it; and Colder, with its disturbing visuals and truly unnerving moments of psychological horror, is the very definition of a ‘must buy’ title.

Rating: 4.5/5.

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