Official JUSTICE LEAGUE Concept Art!

It’s been a busy old day for DC and Warner Bros. on the social media front, what with a number of new accounts appearing on Twitter and Facebook. Earlier in the day, we were given our first look at the new Wonder Woman logo, which stays faithful to the classic symbol, and reflects the eagle motif in her main costume design.

WW Logo

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Later this evening it was confirmed that the newly created DC Films Facebook Page was indeed legit, and more importantly, that the Justice League concept art image was also genuine. So feast your eyes on first look at the cinematic Justice League, featuring Cyborg and The Flash alongside Bats, Supes, WW, and Aquaman.

Justice League

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Notable by his absence is the Green Lantern, but as this part has not yet been cast, it perhaps makes sense that there is no sign of him just yet.

More info is sure to become available after the DC Movie special on the CW tonight, and we’ll be sure to bring that to you as soon as we can. In the meantime, let us know what you think of the image in the comments.

MDAVThe Writer of this piece was: Martin Doyle
You can follow Martin on Twitter

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