Review – Gregory Suicide (one-shot) (Frankenstein’s Daughter)

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Publisher: Frankenstein’s Daughter
Writer: Eric Grissom
Artist: Will Perkins
Release Date: 5th August, 2015

This comic is a single issue that I suspect will lead to a bigger series depending on the success of this release, something I’d definitely welcome providing the creators take time to iron out a couple of wrinkles.

Gregory Suicide is an Artificial Intelligence in a human body. We are first introduced to him as he scales the wall of a mansion to retrieve data from a computer – what else? He is soon discovered, not in time to complete his mission, and he promptly puts a bullet in his own head. It was going so well, predictable right up till that point, though the title of this comic is a bit of a spoiler.

Gregory wakes up in a tank filed with water and tell us that he’s been through this death 36 times. 36 bodies he has used up completing his missions. Interesting, but I can’t help but wonder why the bodies we see look the same. Am I missing a point about the AI rebirth process? Maybe the clue is in the project title Gemini. 18 sets of twins though? Anyhow, two scientists are deployed to monitor the rebirth and get Gregory back online and mission ready. The male clearly disapproves of Gregory and his failure to complete the mission, whereas the heart is evident in the female scientist.

While rebooting Greg, a sort of renaissance takes place. Greg dreams. He repeats “I am” like a stuck record. We are invited to fill in the blanks “I think therefore…” Greg’s rebirth is beginning to look a lot like a real rebirth. And so it ends, setting up nicely a possible series.

The artwork by Perkins is dynamic and clean. The monotone layout of cool blues and and the odd hot pink is good. A nod to the pink blood spatter that casts a void spelling ‘KRAK’ is well earned – it looks pretty cool, guys.  I hope they do something original with this as the idea of Gregory is pretty cool – essentially an AI 007. Then it will be worth a series.

Rating: 3/5.

You can pick up a copy of Gregory Suicide from ComiXology by CLICKING HERE.

HAZHAVThe Writer of this piece was: Hazel Hay
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