Review – Doctor Who, The Eleventh Doctor Adventures Year Two #2.5 (Titan)


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Publisher: Titan Comics
Writer: Si Spurrier
Artist: Warren Pleece
Release Date: 27th January, 2016

What a revelation at the end of the last book! Eleven dropped the ‘M’ bomb! With a suspect finally identified as the mastermind behind the Doctor’s mysterious link with the Overcast, Eleven and his companions set off to confirm his suspicions. Their quest takes in a world overrun by Sontarans and a high security prison on an unnamed frozen planet; all to confirm the Masters involvement and commence their plan of attack against him.

I entirely understand the premise, but it’s a tad long-winded in execution. There’s not much more detail I can provide about the plot without giving away the key turning points in the book. For the most part, we’re as clueless as the companions as we race along with the Doctor from world-to-world, periodically avoiding fatal encounters with ‘The Then and The Now’. It’s a plot device that usually works rather well with Who; the Doctor loves to wait to dazzle us with his cleverness. This time, however, it just doesn’t seem to click for me. If anything, the book feels a bit directionless because of it.

On the plus side, Spurrier’s characterisation of Eleven is delightful! The book also solidly builds on Eleven’s supporting cast. I like that we get to see a softer side to Daak; though any way you cut it, the chemistry between Daak and Alice is bizarre. He’s a mass murderer for crying out loud, who keeps his dead wife on ice! Make arguments all you like about the things that the Doctor’s done; at least he’s remorseful about it!

I’m not a massive fan of the colouring used in the book either. It’s exceedingly bright and a little bit sickly, which is especially evident on the world populated by the Sontarans. The plants contrast between a bubblegum pink and blood red. Although the artwork for the Sontarans does make up for it; I’m loving the ridiculous facial hair supported by the rebels!

Overall, the book serves its purpose in furthering the storyline and there’s some fun dialogue to enjoy. As you will be able to tell from my review, however, it didn’t really ‘float my boat’. To finish on a positive note though, at least the final panel promises a hopefully more exciting ride next time!

Rating: 2/5

The writer of this piece was: Claire Stevenson
Claire Tweets from @cookie___raider.

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