Geeking Out – Terrain-ing Day

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It’s all very well having lovely models to play with, but you need a City to fight over, right?

Now if you’re like me you’ve been hoarding interesting boxes (much to my wife’s despair): But let’s face it, you want bit more realism in your toys now you’re an alleged grown-up, right? So to start the year we’re going to look at some possibilities for building your superheroes and villains to battle over, beginning with how to work with one of the most popular scenery kit materials – MDF.

There are lots of companies making all sorts of interesting laser-cut, flat-pack terrain, such as Sarissa and 4ground. Even Knight themselves have the magnificent Arkham Asylum available, but if that’s a little intimidating (or costly) they have done some simple scenics to add flavour to your kitchen table.

To prep mdf, not much cleanup is required beyond a very sharp knife and a cutting mat. Assembly is simply PVA glue – I often just use kids’ stuff as the teeny tiny applicators are most handy. It’s worth pointing out also that you’ll need to use PVA to seal the surface before you paint. A roughly 50/50 dilution with water brushes on easily and effectively seals the finished article.

Knight make some great objects, but we’re going to have a look at the SWAT Van in particular, which retails around £10, and some of the smaller sets, which come in at £5 each.

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As mentioned, they’re ready and easy to separate from the mdf frames. One tab on the swat Van is attached to the frame, which is a bit unhelpful, and it’s not always obvious which bits are model and which are part of the van. The van’s instructions are OK, not brilliant, ikea level. More frustrating is the fact that the doors are designed to be slightly open, so if you want them to be shut you need to clip the corners (again, a minor nuisance, but still). More annoying is the lack of windows, which is not obvious from the packaging – indeed, store images imply that they come with clear blue plastic. Now it’s very easy to cut some from leftover blister packaging (from the actual miniatures), but again, a nuisance.

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Otherwise, the kit goes together well and looks great even after a quick coat of black spray. I would have liked a strip of mesh to go over the front windows, personally, but I can live without.

The construction site kits and boxes are lovely, very quick to assemble with lovely Wayne and Queen detailing. They don’t even really need painted to look great, especially the wooden palette.

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As a fairly cheap and effective way of adding a bit of variety to the table, Knight’s scenics are generally pretty neat. Next time, we’ll look at some other options plus some ideas for making your own!

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2 Comments on Geeking Out – Terrain-ing Day

  1. It’s good stuff, definitely. I wasn’t convinced either, but it’s remarkably easy to work with.

  2. I think you might have sold me on some MDF at some point; I was sceptical, but these look great, certainly better than anything I could put together myself!

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