Review – Jonesy #1 (Of 4) (BOOM! Studios)


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Publisher: BOOM! Studios (BOOM! Box imprint)
Writer(s): Sam Humphries, Caitlin Rose Boyle
Artist(s): Caitlin Rose Boyle, Mickey Quinn
Release Date: 10th February 2016

To be clear, I am not 13. I am not a girly girl. I never was. Where my friends liked boys and boy bands and Corey Haim, I liked Freddy Kreuger, Michael Myers and vampires. Especially The Lost Boys which did, in fact, star Corey Haim. So this comic, Jonesy, should be the antithesis of pleasurable reading to me, but weirdly it wasn’t. Even with dialogue that includes “whatever, ROFL, like, sucks” and even an emoji. Rolls eyes.

Jonesy is at high school and it’s Valentines Day – the worst day of the year. That, we agree on. There’s a flower drive for charity – buy a flower, it gets delivered to your crush. Red for love, pink for your crush and white, well, you get slagged for that. Jonesy stomps about and rants about the day in the way that most girls who pretend not to care do. But Jonesy is special, she can cast spells and she makes everyone fall in love with her arch-rival, the popular Susan. Accidentally – her true intention was far more selfish. Susan is inundated with flowers and attention. It’s not as great as it sounds and the two girls find some common ground.

This was kind of fun. It probably shouldn’t be – to me, anyway – but it is. It’s a great gateway comic for young girls, y’know, before we hit them with Preacher. It’s bright, colourful and has a great wee story at its heart. I fear Jonesy may become a (whisper it) feminist. That’s a pretty awesome lesson for our little girls.

Rating: 4/5.

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HAZHAVThe Writer of this piece was: Hazel Hay
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