Review – Imposter #1 (21Pulp)

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Publisher: 21Pulp
Writer: James Patrick
Art: Martin Symanski / Osmarco Valladao
Release Date: February 2016

At first, Imposter seems to be a mash-up of so many different genres that it cannot conceivably be pulled together by any coherent plot. Reading it, my head rang with the repeated strains of “eh?”. Confusion reigned. Then, like a bolt from the blue, it all suddenly makes wonderful sense and I found myself looking back at everything that had happened up to that point, thinking “ahhhh, ok”.

We jump in and out of different realms throughout the course of the story. Well, actually we jump into several realms but really only back into the ‘present day’ realm where main protagonist Hale meets and helps an otherworldly caped and masked criminal called Centipede. I know, I know… terrible name. I am assuming they went for the “many legs, many lives” symbolism that exists… uh… nowhere in previous literature.

Anyway… Centipede is being hunted down by the cops. We jump into a jungle realm, a sci-fi realm, a fantasy realm, a ‘procedural cop in a city’ realm, a gothic horror realm… a Xena-like realm… but everything does manage to tie up as Centipede explains to Hale how he is the thread that links these realms and how Hale must be prepared to continue his work. as an imposter.  It’s an intriguing premise, for sure.

Imposter is messy and likable, much like the artwork therein. Each realm is distinct and has its own impressive visual style. Imposter shouldn’t necessarily succeed. On paper, it’s a terrible mish-mash of silly nonsense, but credit to the creators, it feels like there are hands tightly around the story. Let’s just hope that they are going to be safe hands.

Rating: 3/5.

You can find out more about Imposter on the 21Pulp Website.

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