MIDNIGHTER writer Steve Orlando coming to Glasgow for Aye Write! Book Festival

12439137_10154342699001729_6493582947911002231_nAs part of Aye Write! Glasgow’s Book Festival, Outspoken Arts Scotland & Unthank Comics have teamed up to bring acclaimed MIDNIGHTER writer Steve Orlando to Glasgow for a talk at the Mitchell Library.

We’re huge fans of Steve’s work on MIDNIGHTER here at the Big Comic Page, with Martin recently giving the first collected volume a glowing five-star rating, calling it “a heady concoction of action, sci-fi, mystery, and horror, liberally sprinkled with snappy, eminently quotable dialogue, and a brilliantly disguised twist ending.”

The event, to be held on the 19th of March, will see Steve talking about his career and answering questions about his work and what the world of comics looks like for LGBT creators and characters.

Speaking about the announcement, Unthank Comics’ Garry Mac said “We’re really excited. Diversity’s been a hot topic in comics in recent years, and it’s incredible to see creators like Steve producing work that not only represents aspects of the LGBT community, but is also enjoyed by the mainstream readership.”

He added, “He’ll be talking about issues of diversity in the comic industry, why it’s important to have LGBT characters, and what it’s like for LGBT creators working in the business right now. He’ll also be part of a panel of local creators afterwards.”

12710726_1008171922587542_8869355085728517880_o“As organisers, we know that Steve is a big draw for all kinds of readers, so we want to attract as broad an audience as possible. We want LGBT readers to come along and hear from Steve how things are changing, and we want straight readers who enjoy his work to take this opportunity to hear about the topic of diversity from one of the hottest mainstream and indie creators in comics right now.”

Additionally, the partnership will also be hosting an LGBT comic mart, where local and UK creators will “sell their wares, be available to talk to about their work, and maybe even get involved in some live art.” The mart will take place from 12pm – 5pm, and Mac added that “we want everyone to come along to this, and let these creators know that they have a place within the larger comics community. You never know, you might get to pick up a book by a future star, or find something that broadens your mind!”

The official Facebook Event Page for the talk can be found by CLICKING HERE, and tickets can be purchased from the Glasgow Life Tickets website, priced just £9 each.

Team BCP will most definitely be in an attendance, and we hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Also, keep your eyes glued to the page in the near future for an exclusive interview with Steve ahead of his appearance in Glasgow.

The writer of this piece was: 576682_510764502303144_947146289_nCraig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
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