Review – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1 (BOOM! Studios)

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Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writers: Kyle Higgins
Artists: Hendry Prasetya
Release Date: 2nd March, 2015

It’s Morphin’ time! After several months wait, the first issue of BOOM!’s comicbook revival of the Power Rangers franchise hits stores this week. Wiping out the many variations that have come since, BOOM! takes us back to the very beginning with the original six Rangers: Jason, Kimberly, Zack, Trini, Billy and Tommy. We’re talking six teens in multi-coloured leotards, equipped with martial arts and dinosaur robots (or ‘zords’), taking on the best that the evil alien, Rita Repulsa, can throw at them. If you were a nineties child, you shouldn’t need much persuasion! If you weren’t, pick it up anyway!

Building on the platform established by #0, the first book in the series focuses on the plight of the Green Ranger, as his every waking moment continues to be haunted by Rita Repulsa. The book opens with a neat recap by Bulk and Skull of the duel zord battle against Bullzer, with amusing cameos of the Rangers as they comment on their alter-egos. Light on monster action (in this dimension, anyway), the book functions almost like a ‘day in the life of’ event as we witness the Rangers divergent reactions to their newest member and experience Tommy’s first battle within Zordon’s pocket dimension. Meanwhile, in her palace on the moon, Rita plots the next move in her masterplan to destroy the Power Rangers and take over planet Earth.

Perhaps its nostalgia, but this book is a really, really fun read. Leading up to the new movie release in 2017, the book will serve as a great introduction to the characters for newcomers while still capturing enough of the essence of the original series to entice existing fans in. What I find most interesting is Higgins’ ability to transform the concept for a modern day audience. Yes, he captures the personalities of the characters well and there are flashes of that oh-so-familiar cheesy dialogue, but I’d argue that he has made enough tweaks to please both a young and adult audience. There’s a menace to Rita that wasn’t there before. There’s a depth to the Rangers’ exchanges that we may have been unfamiliar with. Its old mixed with new, and it works. Oh how it works.

Prasetya’s artwork is a nice fit for the book. While I find his facial expressions a tad too simplistic for my tastes, the art is great in the areas that matter for this particular series. The opening panels of the monsters and Rangers are well-rendered and his fight sequences are dynamic. He’s helped along by letterist Ed Dukeshire and colourist Matt Herms, who really bring the book to life and shine emphasis in all the right places.

I may be somewhat biased (I’m pretty sure I still have my Falconzord somewhere), but I’d recommend this comic whether you’re a fan or not. There’s so much potential, even if Higgins doesn’t stick to the original storylines. If I could submit a wishlist, I’d beg for the White Ranger and Lord Zedd; hell I’d even take Ivan Ooze! Go buy it; there’s monsters, there’s drama and it’s FUN!

Rating: 4/5.

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The writer of this piece was: Claire Stevenson
Claire Tweets from @cookie___raider

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