THE PAYBACKS set to return this July at Heavy Metal!


Some truly fantastic news from C2E2, where it has just been announced that Dark Horse Comic series THE PAYBACKS is set to return later this year with a brand new publisher – Heavy Metal.

The four-issue series based around a team bankrupt superheroes forced to pay back their loans by serving as repo men for other heroes was, let’s be honest, amazing, garnering a significant amount of critical acclaim (and even making it into a “Best of 2015” list or two – *cough*).

Well, after one hell of a cliffhanger, co-writers Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal and the artistic team of Geoff Shaw and Lauren Affe are promising to tie up all their loose ends at the new publisher, serving as the latest addition to Heavy Metal’s rapidly expanding comic book lineup.

In an exclusive interview with The A.V. Club, Donny Cates spoke about the return, saying: “Anyone who’s read the first series can tell that there is so much world left undiscovered.  Eliot and I started this adventure together so we could make our own universe, write our own stories and just have fun and play. The bottom line is that we just weren’t done playing. We have some bananas things planned for our intrepid group of indebted do-gooders and Heavy Metal lets us do whatever we want, so we’re going to get in some trouble. Cause some ruckus. In like a super respectful and professional manner, of course. Winky face emoji.”

Rahal added “Any questions that readers may have had from the original series will be answered. Any cliffhangers will definitely be addressed. And any hopes that people have for this follow up will be met, then crushed, and then built back up again. It will be twists upon twists that focus primarily on the emotional bullet holes that we left off with in issue #4. I’m just very excited to see what people will respond to—Donny, Geoff, and I put our hearts into this.”

The Paybacks #1 is set to hit shelves this July, and readers wanting to catch up before then would be well advised to pick up The Paybacks Vol. 1: A Bitch from Dark Horse Comics on April 27th.

[CLICK TO ENLARGE – L-R Geoff Shaw/Lauren Affe, Ryan Lee, Art Baltazar ]

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