Edinburgh Comic Con 2016 – A Recap

11950326_967857589939366_2230629829715326170_oInexplicably, despite the close proximity of a lot of our core team to Scotland’s capital city, Team BCP has never quite managed to make the trip through to Edinburgh Comic Con… until now, that is.

Growing from humble beginnings of the rather unfortunately named “Something Bloody Awesome” in Potterow all the way to the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, organiser James Lundy’s passion project has turned into something truly special this year, with a jam-packed crowd on both days and an engaged, excited atmosphere throughout.

The diversity of the guests on display was also truly impressive, ranging from stars of film and television and gaming such as Cas Anavar (Assassin’s Creed), Patricia Tallman (Star Trek) and Kerry Ingram (Game of Thrones), to up-and-coming comic creators like John Lees and Iain Laurie, to world-renowned artists like Chris Burnham and Nick Pitarra.

While there’s a definite undercurrent of disdain for “comic cons” who include non-comic guests, the TV and Film guests actually proved to be an extremely popular addition to the convention, and when your event also includes such an impressive roster of comic-centric talent, I don’t think anyone can really get on their high horse too much about this one. Well, you’d hope not, anyway.

The attendance was almost shockingly high on both days, with a friendly and jovial atmosphere over the course of the weekend in spite of the massive crowds. Yes, there were a few teething problems – the lack of space between the aisles led to frequent bottlenecks and made casual browsing more than a little difficult at times – but again, the friendly and courteous attendees helped alleviate any stress or agitation that could have otherwise been caused.

The team behind ECC also included some fantastic little details that really went down a treat; movie and TV props to have photographs taken with were scattered around, from X-Wings to Tardises (Tardi?) to Jabba the Hutt himself, and with no formal charge for photographs (although there were donation buckets for the “Cash for Kids” charity dotted around, helping to raise an impressive £2,230 over the course of the two-day event), these proved extremely popular with a large amount of the attendees.

Some of the panels struggled a little with the audio setup, but the guests were engaged and seemed to be making an effort, with nobody going through the motions in the panels I was able to attend.

Additionally, it was great to see a large amount of local small press comic creators taking advantage of the massive crowd to help spread the word of their latest releases, including BCP favourites Bob Turner (DTHRTL), Alan Henderson (The Penned Guin) and Fraser Campbell (who was providing a sneak peek at his upcoming series ‘Alex Automatic’).

All in all then, Edinburgh Comic Con 2016 was a tremendous event with a style and energy all of its own, and with another 12 months to iron out some of the creases and potentially even expand the size of the hall, there’s absolutely no doubt that Team BCP will be in attendance at Edinburgh Comic Con 2017. And, hopefully, we’ll see a lot of you there!

In the meantime, keep your eyes glued to, and following them on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about next year’s event, include dates and guest announcements.


ceejThe writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
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