[Kickstarter] Lovecraftian horror in NESS, a monster comic set in Scotland!

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We don’t plug a lot of Kickstarters here on the Big Comic Page, but every so often a project comes along that we just can’t help but get excited about.

One of those projects is NESS, a Del Toro/Lovecraft-inspired cosmic horror story set on the shores of Loch Ness, which just launched a Kickstarter for its first issue and is already racking up the backers at a dizzying rate.

Written by Chris Welsh, with artwork from Rob Carey, colours from Dee Cunniffe and lettering by Rob Jones, NESS is a four-part miniseries set in Scotland on the world-famous shores of Loch Ness.

It tells the story of Ceit and her friends as they visit the loch to scatter the ashes of her late mother. However, they just so happen to arrive the morning after the Loch’s final protector is killed by one of the many beasts he and his small tribe have been warding off. He was the last member of a local cult dedicated to keeping the monsters in check, and with him and his kind now gone, the things that lurk in the deep, dark waters, and hide in the surrounding hills, are free to run riot…

Sounds amazing, right?

Don’t worry, we’ll hang on for a minute while you CLICK THIS LINK to go and back it.


Okay, so the premise is fantastic, as you can see, and with promises of Lovecraftian cosmic horror and twisted Scottish mythology, this is shaping up to be something special. However, if you’re still not convinced (shame on you!), then you can feast your eyes on some of the pages, including the cover (and variant cover by Dean Beattie) below to help make your mind up.

The Kickstarter will run until Friday May 13th, and there are a huge variety of awesome rewards for different backing levels, including art cards, prints, and original artwork from the stupendously talented Iain Laurie!

Oh, and expect a review of this bad boy as soon as we can get our grubby little paws on a copy.


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