Review – Huck #6 (Image Comics)


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Publisher: Image Comics
Story: Mark Millar
Artwork: Rafael Albuquerque
Release Date: 20th April 2016


Here we find ourselves, dear reader, at the last issue of Huck. I am quite sad to be saying goodbye to the big fella, as I’ve enjoyed getting to know him. I am also, I have to say, a little disappointed at Millar’s offering in this last issue. It’s just a little too saccharine sweet for me, and everything has been left a little too tidy.

The issue opens where #5 left off. Huck and his mother have escaped from the prison and are fighting their way to freedom through soldiers and mad crazy humanoid robots invented by the evil mastermind, Professor Orlov (“mad crazy” is a technical term, doncha know). The battle is won and the Professor dispatched in a very “Huck” type of a way and then Huck and his mother go back home. Huck continues his daily good deeds, his mother moves in with him, he forgives the lady who revealed his identity to the press and decides that he will offer his hero services to everyone. Hooray! Let’s all go for tea.

Now, I have loved Huck since issue #1 and was really looking forward to this final issue but, for me, it just didn’t quite deliver. It’s a bit too perfect for my tastes. Maybe I just prefer a wee bit more chaos in my comics? I’m not sure. There are obviously a few set ups with Huck’s identity being made public and Professor Orlov still lurking around (if a little empty of head)… or is he? But all in all, the issue felt rushed and I can’t help but wonder if it would have been a better, more elegant send off if it were spread out over 2 issues?

The art, as always, is absolutely spectacular. You cannot fault Albuquerque at all. The comic as a whole is just an absolute joy to look at and McCaig’s colouring is truly beautiful. Millar’s writing has been consistent throughout and I really do love Huck’s character. I love that he is a sweet, simple good guy. No dark parental issues to work through, no depressing past to atone for, no wish to inflict pain on anyone. If you need your cat rescuing then he is the man to call. If you need anyone found then Huck is your guy. I appreciate that he is an all-round good guy but can you be too good? Maybe.

I’m glad I got to know Huck and look forward to welcoming the big guy back. I just wish he had gone out with more of a bang than a whimper. But hey, maybe that’s just his style.

Rating: 3.5/5.

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