Review – TMNT: Bebop And Rocksteady Destroy Everything #1 (IDW Publishing)


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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Writer: Dustin Weaver, Ben Bates
Art: Sophie Campbell, Giannis Milonogiannis
Release Date: 1st June 2016

Okay, so let’s take everybody’s favourite comedic anthropomorphic henchmen, give them a magical staff that transports them to any time in history, use it to send them to different realities… and pretty much wreck them.  Yeah, this is all gonna go splendidly isn’t it?

With this being a first issue, there is a lot of story set up going on here; the Turtles discover a strange set of skeletons in the Natural History Museum; Bebop and Rocksteady are feeling misunderstood and unappreciated; a Time Master who can leap backwards and forwards in both time and reality.  Yeah, safe to say that it’s a lot to take in, even if Weaver and Bates do a solid job with explaining everything relatively clearly.  But hey, if Mikey can understand the explanations of time, paradoxes and alternate realities, I’m sure anyone can.

The art is interesting, utilizing several artists during the course of this the first issue to denote different realities, with several more joining the fray during the follow up issue. It’s a very nice touch, and works effectively to keep all the different realities nice and distinct. Eleven (count ’em!) variant covers is perhaps a wee bit of overkill, but the art on them is definitely worth seeking them out for.

All in all, this is a good set-up issue for what should be a fun series.  In a lot of ways, this feels like the start of a roller coaster, leaving us sitting right at the tipping point with a maze of loops and corkscrews waiting for us.

Rating: 4/5

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The writer of this piece was: Greg Watt

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