Review – Ghostbusters: Who Ya Gonna Call? TP (IDW Publishing)


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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Story: Erik Burnham
Art: Dan Schoening, Luis Antonio Delagdo
Release Date: 15th June 2016

I don’t know if I can remember a time when if you typed ‘Ghostbusters’ into a Google search, you weren’t hit with a tidal wave of negative energy so powerful it would cause a river of slime to flow beneath your feet (see what I did there)

But that is what I want you to do. Before you read this review, put down all aspirations or opinions you have of the upcoming remake/reboot, go back to when there was only 2 films and an animated series to quench our ghost-bustin needs.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then let us begin….

The story wastes no time and opens with ‘boys in grey slugging it out with a pretty pesky poltergeist’, and instantly you are back in the world of spooks and spectres. Time has passed since the team had last been on the screen and it’s quickly established that the ‘Ghostbusters’ are running franchise’s all over the country. Business is obviously good…or is it?

A new ghost-busting crew in direct competition to our heroes appear, trying to take a bite out of the paranormal extermination business of the big apple. This new competitive organisation is younger faster and perhaps better equipped to do the job. But do they have the wisdom to wrangle New York’s finest spooks and ghouls? More so do the Ghostbusters have the patience to put up with these pretenders to the proton packs and worse; even help when the inevitable goes wrong?

Playing out as a sub-plot we also get an insight into the personal lives of the team and characters are fleshed out to more than just the comedic icons I remember. Old favourites are introduced like a who’s who from the 1st two movies; from our favourite EPA inspector to our unforgettable green slime-ball. Even Ecto-2 from the animated series is rolled out (much to my giddy delight).

Dan Schoening’s artwork is drawn with the care and attention you would expect from an artist who happens to be a fan. It’s a nod to both the films and the animated series; bringing a sense of fantasy and a larger than life persona to the page.

The story itself is written with equally the same care and attention. Erik Burnham wastes no time in faffing about on a back story so many of us know so well. His understanding about these characters makes it a pleasure to read and doesn’t treat the reader like they need to be led by the hand.

In conclusion I can’t help but wonder if this is the story that the upcoming film should be or if it’s just wishful thinking on my part? The one thing I do know; is after reading this I am in nostalgia overload…now where did I put that Ghostbusters blu-ray….

Rating: 4/5.

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The writer of this piece was: John Patterson


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