What To Do at: Glasgow Comic Festival!

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It’s that time of year again; when Glasgow Comic Con comes around and you have no idea what to do during the week, because there’s so much on. Well worry no more! We’ve got you covered! From Films, to drinking, and all the other stuff in between! So here’s our comprehensive guide to the 2016 Glasgow Comics Festival, Up until the first day of Glasgow Comic Con 2016!Tuesday

Like talks and want to make a comic?


Then “Putting Words into Balloons” is for you! Glasgow Comic Festival has teamed up with the Scottish Writer’s Centre to being you a night in conversation with multi award-winning writer of PLAUGUED, Gary Chudleigh. Gary will be talking you though all the steps of getting your idea onto paper; from script to art, and an overview of the creative process! If making comics is your jam, or you just want to see more of the creative process, this is the one for you!

Like books, reading and/or coffee?gsc.jpg

Then the book group at Gordon Street Coffee might be for you! Located just inside Central Station, get comfy and have a chat with like minded people about DC BOMBSHELLS, written by convention guest, Margarite Bennett! From what you thought about the book, to where to go next, it’s a good place to start to get you in the mood for the festival week to come. Gordon Street are also the Coffee Sponsors of the convention and will be shilling their wears over the weekend!

Location: Gordon Street Coffee
Time: 7.30pm
Price: FREE

Like Video Games?


Probably one of the more original ideas for a cinema experience, head down to the CCA Cinema where you can play Marvel vs. Capcom. If Marvel players score more points, then AVENGERS will be shown. If it’s CAPCOM players? Well you’ll be watching the ultimate in chesse movie: STREET FIGHTER! So head down and play to win! Either way, both films are amazing, but the idea itself lends for an interesting night at least!

Location: CCA Cinema
Time: 6pm
Price: £6/£4


Like Drinking?


Do you also happen to like drawing? Then get yourself down to the Saramago bar for DRINK AND DRAW! Just like Ronseal, it does exactly what it says on the tin; normally held in Sparkle Horse, like minded guys and gals get together, drink…. And draw! Experience is seriously not necessary, just the want to have an awesome night, with awesome people!

Location: Saramago Bar (CCA)
Time: 8pm until “Late”
Price: FREE!

Like Captain America before Chris Evans made him so damn attractive?*


Then there’s really only one screening you need to go to this season! CCA Cinema will be showing the 90’s Cao movie, starring Matt Saligner. The film itself sees Cap take on Red Skull (Sound familiar? Well the 90’s did it better. Trust me) in what can only be described as one of the best worst movies you’ll ever see!

* Who are we kidding, that chiselled jaw has always got a place in our special place.

Location: CCA Cinema
Time: 6.30pm
Price: £6/4


Like Creating Comics?


The Society of Young Publishers (SYP) are putting on a talk, taking you through from concept to comic. The publishing side of comics is often overlooked, this should shed more light onto it!

Location: CCA Clubroom
Time: 6-7pm
Price: £5 on door, or free to SYP Members

Like (arguably) the best movie of all time?


We all know it, there’s no point in denying it to yourself anymore. Batman & Robin, starring George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Uma Thurman and Chris O’Donnell, it’s the pinnacle of “bad” superhero movies. Where else are you going to hear this many puns squeezed into a 90 and a bit minute package?!

Location: CCA Cinema
Time: 6.30
Price: £6/4


9panels.jpgFriday is all about the CCA and “9 Panels”. If you’ve ever thought about getting into the industry, or just have an interest in comics themselves this is the event for you. Running all day in CCA, the official press release states:

“For the first time ever, Glasgow Comic Festival is proud to present 9 Panels, a brand new industry day. The full-day conference, limited to 120 places, is ideal for students, amateurs and semi-pros and will include talks and workshops from the likes of Kate Leth, Marguerite Bennett and Rachael Stott. You’ll have the opportunity to show off your portfolio and pitch to the Beano and BHP Comics, before rounding the day off with a symposium discussing The National Centre for Comics. Not to mention a talk with two very special guests.”


If that doesn’t wet your appetite, the two creators in question will be Frank Quietly and David Aja, who will be in conversation “artis2905927-frank_quitly.jpgt to artist” about their own creative processes in what will surely be one of the more unique events of the year!

9 Panels
Location: CCA
Time: Full Day (10am-9pm)
Price: £20/10 (includes a ticket to the Frank Quitely/David Aja talk)

Saturday and Sunday? Well surely you’re going to be at Glagow Comic Con! And that’s a whole other story.

Tickets for Glasgow Comic Con can be found here:

chrThe writer of this piece was: Chris Bennett
Article: And Now For Something Completely Different
You can also find Chris on Twitter.

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