Lees and Cormack invite you to “Get In The Van” with new ComixTribe series SINK

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Just freshly announced at tonight’s “SYP: Comics Publishing: Concept to Cons” panel at the Glasgow Comics Festival, writer John Lees is set to team up with frequent collaborators Alex Cormack and Colin Bell on SINK, a series of one-shots set in Sinkhill, a forgotten East End district of Glasgow.

The first chapter, “Blue Van Country”, is based around the infamous Glaswegian urban legend of the psychotic Clowns who drove around in a van snatching lone children.  If you grew up in Glasgow, you’ll know the one.

Lees elaborates: “Supposedly, this van would drive around neighborhoods, snatching lone children out playing on the street, with variations on the story being that the kids were killed, eaten, cut up and turned into clowns themselves, or just never seen again, their fates forever left with a haunting question mark.”

He added, “Every classroom had some mouthy kid whose cousin’s friend’s brother was taken by the clowns. Hysteria reached such a fever pitch that teachers or even local police were forced to visit classrooms and reassure the kids that there was no such thing as killer clowns in blue vans. But it’s a story that’s always stayed with me, and one I thought it would be good to put into a story.”

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The series will be published by ComixTribe, but not in the usual manner.  The US Publisher will be setting up a mailing list that will serve as the main hub for SINK, providing subscribers with access to cool free content, as well as an insight into Lees and Cormack’s creative process on the chapters.

As the campaign develops, more milestones will be added as different membership number goals are met, including free copies of each chapter as they become available!

Subsequent chapters include “The Door At The End”, which tells the tale of Sharon, a freelance contractor who makes dead bodies disappear; “A Head Full of Wasps”, a story of a trans women who finds herself drawn back into her former life as one of Sinnkhill’s most notorious hellraisers; and “Young Team”, which sees four youngsters tooling up and going on the search for their missing classmate.

You can sign up to the official SINK Mailing List by CLICKING HERE, and – based on the track record of the creative team involved – I can’t see why you wouldn’t.  Unless, y’know, you’re feart of Clowns.  In which case, we completely understand.CLOWNS

Oh, and keep your eyes glued to the page in the very near future for a chat with writer John Lees about the series, its origins, and the innovative distribution method.

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