Matt Ryan returns as Constantine in JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK sneak peek!

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Set to feature on the home release of DC’s Batman: The Killing Joke, we have a sneak peek at the upcoming Justice League Dark animated movie, featuring Matt Ryan reprising his role as John Constantine.

The featurette talks a lot about the differences between the Justice League Dark and the regular Justice League, and suggests a few ideas about how the plot of the movie is going to play out.

While it looks like the actual Justice League – Batman in particular – are going to feature a little more heavily than we’d have perhaps liked, there’s a huge amount of potential here, particularly with Ryan’s performance serving as something of a centerpiece.

Justice League Dark is scheduled for release sometime in 2017.

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1 Comment on Matt Ryan returns as Constantine in JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK sneak peek!

  1. I’m not usually a big fan of the animated stuff, but I quite like the look of this, lots of potential here for Justice League Dark to be something very special.

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